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  1. SFB assholes that hate America. This one has my blood boiling!!! Corporate whores pandering to worthless maggots that profit the most from hard working Patriotic American tax $$$. You know who I'm talking about.... the ones who don't work, collect welfare, complain about everything everyone else has sept' dem,every ting B razist in sheet. They riot any time they sense an opportunity to STEAL what dey wants. They attack seniors, the weak and anyone else who doesn't subscribe to their stupidity. FUxK Nike, I'll never buy a thing with their logo ever. This country is the greatest country on earth, bar none. I've lived in a number of foreign countries including eastern com bloc socialist shit holes. Over all the USA has more resilience, more freedom, and more potential. It's even available for the POS that are trying to tear the country apart. Difference they want it all given to them. BOYCOTT NIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FWIW, R.L.