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  1. GREAT CONDITION $300 OR BO Ortgies pistols were made by Herman Ortgies of Efurt, Germany in the 1920's. These pistols were constructed based on Ortgies patents issues on various dates in 1916 and 1918 which covered the barrel mounting, the method of attaching the grips and the discomnector (which allowed only one shot to be fired per each pull of the trigger) Some 10,000 were made by Ortgies before Deutsche Werke of Efurt purchased the patents, stock and tools, circa 1924, and continued to make the Ortgies pistol through the 1920's and 1930's. Pistols made by Ortgies had as monogram "H" and "O" on a metal stud inlet in to the grip panels. Deutsche Werke changed the monogram on the grip panels to a ornamental "D" formed by a mythical animal with a long tail curling over its head. Ortgies pistols were made in 6.35 mm (.25ACP), 7.65 mm (.32 ACP) and 9 mm Kurz (.380 ACP). The pistols are virtually identical except for size. These are "exceptionally neat and tidy" in appearance and were widely exported, particularly to the U. S.