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  1. USAS-12 Unfired $5000 NEW !!

    I purchased this shotgun when it was a Title I gun, back around 1990. When reclassified as a DD I, of course, did an amnesty registration, so it is transferable. It is new and unfired and, of course, mint. Comes with five 10-rouind box magazines. I have not seen an unfired example anywhere. But here it is. I apologize for the color In the pictures. Flash didn’t go off. Call me daily 9AM-9PM Eastern at (207) 476-0000 or email Calling or emailing me directly is better. I may not see your reply on STG. Thanks
  2. 1945 M5 60mm Mortar DD

    US M5 60mm Mortar Made in 1945 This is a fully transferable, civilian legal, registered Destructive Device On a Form 3 ready to transfer. E-file. Ky residents file a Form 4 and pay $200 tax stamp. All other states that allow NFA will need to have it shipped to a dealer in your state tax free. Then file a form 4 and pay $200 tax stamp. Just like a suppressor/silencer or machine gun. I use ATF E-file to transfer to your local dealer. So it shouldn’t take more then a week or so for your dealer to have it. Comes with 2 complete 60mm practice rounds. And another that’s missing a tail. These rounds weigh about 5 pounds each. With a full lifting charge and the correct angle, they can be propelled 3/4 of a mile. You can use a modified 20ga shotgun shell as a lifting charge. This was a dewat Mortar that has been reactivated. Fully functional - Live fire. Form 3 model is listed as M2. Reactivation manufacture is discretely engraved on the receiver cup along with the model and serial number. Price is $4950. Plus shipping Ky residents pay 6% sales tax. feel free to text 502-541-3919
  3. for sale: Solothurn S18-1000 20 mm Anti Tank Cannon in Very Good condition fully transferable/Registered Destructive Device on a Form 4 to an FFL/SOT for $16,995, Pending funds + shipping and insurance with delivery possible. Price includes Transit chest and 2 - 8 rd. mags and 2 Reloads in brass casings with new manufacture live rounds with stainless steel casings available from Anzio Ironworks for $35 per rd. (they can be reloaded 2 to 3 times each and I have extra new 20 mm Vulcan projos. available with the driving bands already turned down to .815" for $2.50 each). Please e-mail me for pics. directly at for more info. Thanks, Myron
  4. I have an almost new USAS-12 imported by Gilbert Equipment Co. It is a transferable destructive device shotgun. It is semi-auto. I supposedly own the only 2 in Arizona and don't need both. It will come with 2-8 round magazines and a 20 round drum. I have other accessories and magazines available for extra. $3,500 OBO 602-999-9304
  5. USAS-12 shotgun for sale

    Usas-12 destructive device for sale. It is in Arizona. It is in good condition. comes with 2 magazines and a drum. $5,000 OBO 602-999-9304