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  1. I have a customer with a Bren MK 1 chambered in .303, which was imported into the States as a movie prop. Its original manufacturer was John Inglis Company of Canada. I have copies of the paperwork which show it was demilled. The date on the demill work in the UK was October of 1997. I also have a separate source for all of the parts to upgrade this to a fully functional MG. If you have the where with all and the license to do this, and are interested, please let me know. My friend is perfectly cool with a pre-buy inspection in Houston, Texas. This piece is currently in an Aussie Army shipping container which is included in the deal. Will directly furnish photos to interested parties. I can set up a phone conference or face time with the owner and interested parties.
  2. I'm looking to buy demilled G36 receiver sections for a build. The longer the pieces, the better. I'm looking for front, center, and rear sections. The front and middle sections are normally disposed of as they typically are not used in builds. Thank you!