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  1. Model 1879 Gardner Gun made by US Armament. 2 barrels chambered in 45/70 feed by a Bruce feed. It’s a crank fire like a Gatling gun. It fires 2 rounds per revolution of the crank handle. It comes with a very nice tripod and fits in 3 nicely built transit chest. It is in like new condition. I have fired about 400 rounds through it. I have 25 wooden Bruce feed blocks to go with it. I have videos of it firing, and showing how the mecanisim works. I’m asking $25,000. I’m close to Knob Creek, so you can pick it up at the Machine Gun Shoot. Shipping will be expensive, as it’s big and heavy. One man can set it up on the tripod by their self. It’s not easy but I’ve done it. I would consider transferable machine guns as trade. Feel free to text me 502-541-3919
  2. WTS: .50BMG "tombstone": 200 round with crank

    This is a 200 round .50 BMG “tombstone” can with crank. Fully functional. This is another piece I bought for display. Can be used with either of the two mounts placed here on STG. $500 plus shipping. Call me (207) 476-0000 9AM-9PM daily or email