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  1. My gun trust is from Silencer Shop: I have no trustees on my gun trust yet, so at least I wouldn't have to trouble anyone yet. So I didn't buy everything I wanted before 41F and I have the itch to buy again. However, everything I have is under my gun trust and all items were secured before 41F. What happens if I transfer a new NFA item to my existing pre-41F trust? Does that negate any advantages I had of skipping the photos and fingerprints? Would it be as if all of my pre-41F items are now subjugated under the new 41F regulations, and the ATF will attach my prints and photos to my file/trust? If so, would there be any benefits to transferring items to myself as an individual instead of to my existing pre-41F gun trust? Perhaps filing new items as an individual would keep the two records separate (my trust and myself) and only having 41F records (photos + fingerprints) on myself for post 41F items? My understanding is that CLEO notifications are mandatory under both paths. And what's with this 2 year thing. Do we have to send in new photos and fingerprints every 2 year to the ATF indefinitely, or only when we are buying new NFA items? Anything else that I may be forgetting?