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  1. Transferable Colt M16 Model 640/XM177. 2nd Gen Stock, 1st Production Pistol Grip, Factory Marked Barrel, S-1-FA, 11.5" Barrel, Birdcage FH and 20 Round Magazine. This weapon is on a Form 4 and is listed as a Model 639. Buyer is responsible for all taxes and shipping.
  2. Colt AR15, A2 Model, Match, Heavy Barrel

    I have for sale as shown in pics a Very Nice Colt AR15. It is a A2 Model, Match with Heavy Barrel. 1:7 Barrel Twist, 5.56 Barrel Stamp. Includes Sling Attachments, Heavy Sling, (2) 30RD Mags and (1) 20 RD Mag, with hard case. This Colt AR15 Shoots Great and has no issues. FFL Required. $1,350.00 + Shipping (Will Get you actual Shipping for the Rifle) Ill accept as payment US Postal Money ORder or PayPal (Discreet, as a Gift Only!)
  3. Colt M16A2 carbine $31,000

    This is a really nice condition M16A2 carbine. I believe the stock to be original to the gun. Burst marked with full auto parts.The paperwork identifies as 14" but has a shorter barrel on it currently. This is a really nice all Colt weapon. Offered at $31,000. Transfer and shipping is included. On a form 4 in Kentucky. Contact me with any questions at 859-361-9444 or Thanks for looking. Rex Tyson Kentucky Firearms
  4. Immaculate Colt AR15 SMG in the RO635SD configuration with registered DIAS. Utilized by the DEA, a modified model 6450 with an integral suppressor made by John Norrell Arms. This suppressor model had a front sight post at the regular 635 sight-radius but had a modified M16A2 hand guard that shrouded the suppressor several inches past the sight post. The sear is manufactured by JCB, serial 1 and is not married to the weapon. This is a two stamp weapon on Form 4's. $35 shipping.
  5. New lower price. Gun is as pictured: It's on a Form 4, but the estate will pay the first tax. It can go direct to a New Mexico resident, or transferred to your non-NM dealer on a form 4. 1/2 down, 1/2 on approval.
  6. Colt mfg m16 9mm complete 10.5" barreled upper. $1,200.00 Price reduced to $1,075. Includes everything you need to convert your M16 to a 9mm subgun. Includes full auto BCG and charging handle Includes Hahn precision one piece magazine well adapter and 1 colt original 32 round magazine. No modifications to your lower are required. Adapter uses a tension device to stay in place. Functions excellent. All NFA rules apply. Thanks for looking! Please let me know if you have any questions.
  7. This is a Colt M16 A1 from an estate. New Mexico buyers can do a single form 4 and pick up. Comes with the items pictured, and in the condition pictured. I'm helping out with the estate, I am not the seller, but will answer questions as best I can. Pix at: Price $33,000, or make an offer.
  8. This is an Auto Ordnance M1A1 that has the original box, manual, warranty card, and catalog! It shoots extremely well and is in perfect condition. This Thompson gun is papered C&R and was made in 1986. There were only 600 M1 made in West Hurley NY. Comes with 3 magazines and original sling from WW2. Barrel length 10.5" overall 32" . Buyer is responsible for all shipping and insurance costs. I will pay the first stamp. $22,000 Pictures here:
  9. Looking for the factory bolt carrier for the Colt M16 LMG. This is the one that has the hammer notch on the bottom. Direct email only, please: Remove NOSPAM from email.
  11. Nice Colt Sp1 16" carbine full auto conversion. Excellent condition and runs great. Conversion was done by TTI in Las Vegas NV. for the original owner and then was sold to the current owner. Original finish looks wonderful with no noticeable dings or scratches (guns looks better than the pictures). Bore is nice and shiny, as gun was mostly shot with another upper. Since SP1's had the large pivot pin, a conversion pin will be included so any military style upper will work on this gun. THIS FIREARM HAS BEEN SOLD Thanks Andy
  12. Colt M16 for sale - Transferable

    Original Colt M16 for sale. I built a new upper for shooting when I purchased it, so the original upper has not been shot by me. The 2nd upper, collapsible stock, carbine tube, spring, buffer, BCG and pistol grip are included. In stock and owned by us. On a form 3 for quick transfer to your dealer. $25,000.00 $45 insured shipping. 50/50 payment Armed Response, FFL, SOT 401-465-8484
  13. Colt LMG Handguards

    Looking for a set or individual sides. Direct email, please:
  14. For sale rare Colt Delta HBAR AR Sporter parts. Getting harder to find these "retro" A2 accessories especially from the Colt Delta Series. Perfect for replacement or spares for your Delta or to build a Delt clone clone. 1. Colt/ARMS marked A2 Scope Mount for carry handle SOLD 2. Colt marked Cheek Piece both SOLD. shipped Priority USPS
  15. A Beautiful 3rd Generation Colt Single Action Army Overall it is in excellent condition. I cant say for sure if the gun was fired, but if so, very little. Includes box & Styrofoam, manual, hang tag and brown oil paper. Please ask questions. There is a small speck of discoloration on the barrel as seen in photosAvoid the 2 plus year wait and get yours Today! $1,995.00 Shipping $45 insured Steven MSAA 404-725-2933
  16. Very rare to find WWI Colt BAR M1918 extractor. 9.9 times out of 10 these extractors are WWII or post war NES or Royal Typewriter. This one is an original Colt with the C and arrow. It's in excellent like new condition. Correct your Colt BAR up with this one. It's not cheap but you won't find another one anytime soon. Well worth it for your original Colt BAR. $150 shipped.
  17. I have a NEW Colt M4 Sopmod barrel, barrel is 14.5", as stated its NEW never been mounted on a upper.....$240 shipped in cont USA, Postal money order...
  18. Colt LMG Flat-top Upper

    Looking for the FLAT-TOP version, as pictured. Direct email: Remove NOSPAM from email.
  19. I have a NEW Colt M4 Sopmod barrel, barrel is 14.5", as stated its NEW never been mounted on a upper.....$255 shipped in cont USA
  20. Some very nice USGI Colt, GM and H&R A1 bakelite pistol grips. All grips are in excellent condition, very minor wear. All are pretty close in condition and appearance, so no hand picking. Prices do not include shipping Shipping is a flat $7 for any order Prompt Paypal f/f or + fees No trades CROSSPOSTED Thank you for looking!! Excellent condition Colt M16/M16A1 bakelite grips. All are about the same in appearance, nice mottling, very little wear, some of the nicest grips I've had. All are C marked, indicating post-'68 mfg. $10ea Excellent condition early Colt M16/XM16E1 bakelite grips. All are about the same in appearance, nice mottling, very little wear, some of the nicest grips I've had. None are C marked, indicating pre-'68 mfg. $13ea Excellent condition H&R M16A1 bakelite grips. All are about the same in appearance, nice mottling, very little wear, some of the nicest grips I've had. All are marked with the large number on inside as pictured. $15ea Excellent condition GM Hydramatic M16A1 bakelite grips. All are about the same in appearance, nice mottling, very little wear, some of the nicest grips I've had. All are marked with the cross and number on inside as pictured. $15ea
  21. This is a fully transferable Colt AR-15 Model SP1 carbine converted into a military M-16 configuration by Garth Choate (Choate Tools - national manufacturer of firearm parts and accessories). Originally registered on an ATF form 1 in 1978, this estate firearm is in stock and ready to transfer to a Class 3 dealer on an ATF form 3. The mode of converting this firearm to a selective fire carbine machine gun was based on the machine specs of a military M16 using the same type parts and design. In addition to the original 16 ½” SP1 upper receiver assembly, this firearm comes with an additional Colt M16 A1 upper with a Colt 14 1/2" barrel and Colt bolt carrier & charging handle, with small front pinhole and adapter at no extra charge. Also at no charge, this carbine includes a Jonathan Arthur Ciener AR15 /M16 suppressor from the same time period. This firearm is clean and in great condition. A 20 round Colt magazine is included. All of these items are pieces of nostalgia from the era that started the class III firearm craze (post-Vietnam) in the late 1970's after Colt released the semi-auto version of the M-16 rifle. Since the suppressor is included with the carbine, there will be two ATF form 3 transfers. Because the suppressor is included at no additional charge, if you decline to accept it as part of this package, there will be no reduction in the price of the AR15. Alternatively, you may choose to have the suppressor transferred to the dealer of your choice on a form 3. $16,900 plus actual shipping and insurance, with adult signature. This item will ship from JOHN NORRELL INC., in the continental US only. We will transfer to Class 3 dealer only, even if in state; however, this firearm is fully transferable. All NFA rules apply.
  22. Colt M16A2 New in box never fired. On a form 3 in Wisconsin. Please contact me for more pictures, questions, or if you wish to set up a time to view the gun. $32,500.00
  23. Looking for Colt delta hbar parts, to include pistol grip, and cheek piece. Found the other parts! thx
  24. WTB: Colt 9mm SMG Parts Kit

    Looking for a VG Condition Original Colt 9mm SMG Parts kit or Complete Upper Only. Typically found on the Colt Model #635 & 639 SMG. Thanks. Jim/SAS
  25. Used colt carbine hydraulic buffer, was used in 9mm sub machine guns. $150 shipped. If you need more pictures just let me know and Ill send you them. I will accept usps money order for payment. I do not take paypal because they are anti gun. Email is best way to get a hold of me, Thank you Ryan.