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  1. [WTS] 30+ Suomi Coffin Mags for Lage M11 / M10 Uppers Selling off some of my Suomi 50rd Coffin magazines that are nowadays used in the Lage M11 & M10 MAX-31 mk2 uppers. Coffin Mags____________________________________________ [Pictures Here] I have (18) in Good/Great condition and (4) in Fair condition with slight rust/pitting but all still functional. Mags are sold in as-is condition and have been sitting in my climate controlled safe covered in a heavy coat of oil. [Current inventory here], lmk what number mags you want and I will update this photo as they sell. -Condition: Good/Great - $150 + $8 USPS flat rate -Condition: Fair - $135 + $8 USPS flat rate Coffin Leather Pouch Kits___________________________________ I also have (2) Leather pouch kits that include: Leather pouch, loader and (4) Fair condition coffin magazines. Kit #2 includes a cleaning kit as seen in the photos. [Kit 1 - Pictures Here] - $600 shipped [Kit 2 - Pictures Here] - $610 shipped Magazine Loaders________________________________________ [Pictures Here] I also have (3) Coffin magazine loaders for sale for $50.00 each. Payment / Shipping_______________________________________ **Firm on prices, NO bulk pricing. No trades.** Multiple mags can be shipped in medium size USPS flat rate for $15. USPS Money Order, PayPal G&S add 3%, or F&F.
  2. Selling four "Coffin" 50 rd 9mm magazines for the Suomi M31 and Swedish K (M45) SMGs in a single carrier. The magazines are in excellent condition with only minor scratches in the finish. Two of the mags have serial numbers (not matching) and a T in a Triangle in a Circle proof. The other two are unmarked. The leather carrier is in good shape with some staining to the carry strap. Is in NOT the large carrier with the side pouches for a mag loader and cleaning kit. The leather is soft and supple and all the rivets are good and solid. It is maker-marked, but hard to make out. I think it says A. Ruchti, Ultendore In an Oval proof, with the number 45 (year?) and an open cross over a W. As you all know, these coffin magazines have been drying up and are getting hard to fine. As far as I know, even Folke is out of them. The last ones I saw on Gun Broker were $155 each, shipped; sold as singletons without a carrier. I will throw in a coffin mag loader as well (my last one). Price is $600.00 shipped/insured via USPS Priority Mail. Payment by USPS Money Order, Bank Check or other Certified funds. PM me with questions: Thanks for looking! Bloodhound
  3. After selling these for a while we are now Down to the last 2-3 sets. 4 excellent condition Magazines and one thumb loader in a leather pouch. The pouches we have left are scuffed and oil soaked but fully serviceable. Price for the sets shipped anywhere in the US is $ 450,- Last chance on these sets now. Good sellers for a while, but really slow the last few months. The sets are ready to ship in MS.