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  1. . This is the Info I have received from "Mike" NOTE------------------------------------------------------- DENNIS, A word of warning. please be advised that the ammo in the plain brown wrapper marked "7.62 LC" is in fact a CLANDESTINE PRODUCUCED VERY CORROSIVE PRIMED lot of ammo that was seized by customs agents off shore of the Philippines years ago. it was part of a large shipment destined for insurgents. an island based company managed to get hold of it and it hit our shores shortly following. there was a shortage of carbine ammo at the time and it was cobbled up quickly. once out of the package it looks exactly like U.S. produced ammo and in desperation , some vendors removed the boxes and sold it in plastic bags to the unwary. I cant tell you how many barrels I removed and thru away but it was a BUNCH. please make an attempt to warn anyone that may have bought already and put a warning in your add. we don't want to loose any more originals than we already have. cheers mike -------------I have been informed that the Lake City Ammo is corrosive so I am pulling the lake city ammo from the ad. If you want the other non corrosive ammo which is 171 rds and the mags I will take 100.00 shipped for the rest thats left. ---------Thanks for the information Mike. If anyone wants the 450 rds of the corrosive ammo then make me a offer.