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  1. WTS: Cadillac Gage - Stoner 63A

    Item is a Pre-86 Dealer Sample Cadillac Gage Stoner 63A in excellent condition. Configuration is with Right Hand feed and 20” Barrel. Includes correct Right Hand 100-Round ammo box with hanger. Weapon was manufactured by Cadillac Gage Co. in Warren, MI on 6/12/1967 and was exported to NWM in Holland on 7/16/1968. It was then re-imported by Ed Kline prior to May 19, 1986 and is registered with the NFA Branch as a pre-86 Dealer Sample. As such, it can only be transferred to a FFL with current Special Occupational Tax stamp, but can be permanently retained upon giving up FFL/SOT. Gun runs great and is in stock and ready to transfer on an ATF Form 3. Price is $69,995 for complete weapon and I will include 2,500 brand new and original S63 links and an extra 100-round ammo box with purchase. I also have some additional and original Cadillac Gage Stoner parts and links, spare barrel, bolts, bolt carrier group/op rod assembly, grip, butt stocks, etc. that I would make available for sale at additional cost to the buyer of this firearm. None of the parts or firearm listed here have ever been cut or have had any demill history. Sorry, but no parts will be available for sale except to the purchaser of this firearm, unless they don’t want them. Interested parties, please email to: Thank you, Geoff Herring
  2. Want to trade: Stoner 63 Top Cover/Feed Tray assembly. This assembly is originally made for the 63 version, not the 63A, which came out later. Being made for a Stoner 63, this version features mostly sheet metal construction, especially in the hinge area. This will function and fit on the 63A receiver. It appears to be in original condition, retaining all its original finish. The wear is minimal, especially on the feed arm and feed pawls. Being it has the original finish, there is zero signs of repair or damage. The only thing I would say is a “con” to this package is some surface rust on the top right side (on the hinge bracket) of the feed cover (red arrow). I have test fired (200 rounds) this assembly on a KAC 63A and it functions flawlessly with modern M27 links. No need for costly “S 63” links for this system. Trade Value is 13K. I am wanting to trade towards Stoner 63 parts and accessories. I’m also interested in early Armalite Rifles and Dutch (A.I.) AR10’s. I may consider trading towards rare/exotic military firearms such as: M16A1, Sturmgewehr, Pre-Ban: Valmet M76 Folder in 7.62x39, G-Series FN FAL, Beretta AR70, Mondragon, FR F1 Sniper Rifle, Let me know what you have.
  3. Want To Buy: Stoner 63 Rifle/Carbine Rear Sight Assembly or Housing. Must be in Very Good to Excellent Condition. Thanks.
  4. Want to buy any and all Stoner 63 and 63A Parts and Accessories. Not interested in welded together, demilled Navy parts, only good to excellent condition components. Thanks Buddy for the use of your site!