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  1. We offer two types of Tac Latches on our website--the HK 91, G3, PTR, C308 & HK 93, 33, C93 - Tac Latch and the HK MP5, 94, MP5K, SP89 & SP5K Tac Latch. These Tac Latches provide a faster, easier release of your magazines. The newest version has a machined textured surface for more positive handling and faster mag releases. The Tac-Latch requires NO modifications to the weapon (PLEASE NOTE: NO modifications apply to Factory HK spec firearms only. Some clones, PTR91's, and custom builds will require light fitting). Installs in minutes and can be removed without permanent marks or changes to your firearm. Check them out below! [*Be sure to also check out the new Tac Latch install video in the links below as well!] Order on our website or by phone. WWW.HKPARTS.NET || 801.987.3494 _____________ HK 91, G3, PTR & HK 93, 33 - Tac Latch || $59.95 [PICTURED BELOW] MP5, 94, MP5K, SP89 & SP5K Tac Latch || $59.95 _____________ Thanks for looking! Click here to visit our website to view more HK parts & accessories.
  2. I have for sale one set of excellent original German walnut furniture. Comes with butt, forend and a brand new old stock original German leather sling. Includes everything pictured except recoil assembly. You will not find a nicer OG wood stock set anywhere... for that matter you won't find a crappy one. They were made from 1959-64 and all the surplus sets dried up long ago. Same with the NOS sling.. there are no more available anywhere. $265.00 shipped CONUS. I accept Paypal (no fee if sent "friends and family") or CC. add 3%. DM me for payment info. Reply to listing for any questions. GUN NOT INCLUDED
  3. Brand new G3 bolt assemblies. HK contract production made by POF. These are new and unissued. G3 BOLT ASSEMBLY COMPLETE NEW $239 - HK CONTRACT =============================================== Many more bolt parts for the HK91-G3-PTR91: HK STANDARD 8MM ROLLER USED $2 HK STANDARD 8MM ROLLER NEW $9 ROLLER +2, HK CONTRACT $9 +4 ROLLER NEW - HK $9 ROLLER +6, HK CONTRACT $11 ROLLER +8, HK CONTRACT $11 ROLLER +10, HK CONTRACT $11 ROLLER -2, HK - BPP $9 ROLLER -4, HK CONTRACT $9 (sold out, more coming soon) ROLLER -6, HK - BPP $11 ROLLER -8, HK CONTRACT $11 HK ROLL PIN FOR ROLLER RETAINER PLATE NEW $1.50 HK ROLLER RETAINER PLATE - SURPLUS $3 HK ROLLER RETAINER PLATE - NEW $8.95 HK91-G3 EXTRACTOR SURPLUS $5 HK91-G3 EXTRACTOR NEW $11.95 HK91-G3 SPRING FOR EXTRACTOR - SURPLUS $2 HK91-G3 SPRING FOR EXTRACTOR - NEW $7 HK91-G3 LOCKING PIECE Surplus $6 HK91-G3 LOCKING PIECE NEW IN WRAP $12.95 HK91-G3 FIRING PIN $6.95 HK91-G3 FIRING PIN SET SURPLUS $11.95 (includes firing pin, spring and locking piece) HK91-G3 FIRING PIN SET NEW $20 (includes firing pin, spring and locking piece) HK91-G3 SPRING FOR FIRING PIN $2.50 HK91-G3 LOCKING LEVER $7 HK91-G3 LOCKING LEVER PIVOT PIN $1.75 HK91-G3 LOCKING LEVER SPRING $1.95 HK91-G3 LOCKING LEVER SET (THREE PARTS) $10 HK91 G3 BOLT HEAD NEW - STRIPPED - U.S. $79.95 HK91 G3 BOLT HEAD NEW - COMPLETE - U.S. $99.95 HK91 SURVIVAL PACK - STANDARD - NO ROLLERS $66.95 HK91 SURVIVAL PACK - DELUXE - WITH ROLLERS $116.95 ================================================== Thanks for looking. RTG Parts 307-675-1191