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  1. Wanted: Up to 4 S&W 76 mags and up to 3 Reising H&R 20-round mags. Prefer sale through a broker or 'smith or a military vehicle guy I trust or through a third party gunsmith here in Albuquerque with a huge presence to protect us both...(or if your a gunshop I can verify); already bought one 'fairy tail' this year and can't afford to buy many more 'deals' like that!!!!! Condition pics needed - can be by phone or email. MV guy in NM
  2. I’ve got over 30 transferable machine guns, 18 pre may, and millions of rounds of ammo. Looking to buy MG’s and pay in crypto(or cash is fine as well) Also willing to sell any of the MG for crypto. Not really looking for cash, but might take trades for other cool MG’s. Updated with current MG’s. Really looking for some pre Mays, with a MP5SD being at the top of that list. Also looking for a semi M2HB or kit. Have signed letters for a number of post samples. I’ve got most of the common MG’s, M16’s, wide variety of HK, Macs, BAR, 1919, stens and the like. This isn’t a complete list but off the top of my head: M16’s-conversions through colt M16a1, m16a2, and rare Colt transferables MP18 HK Sears, hosts, and RR guns krink Stens-both tube guns and C&R Macs, have a couple AR10 Jap99 C&R Lanchester 240B’s C&R 1919 AR18 MP44 Uzis-bolt and RR Beretta 38a Tommy guns, colt, savage war gun, post war AO. I am currently looking for 20 transferables, almost anything pre may, also post may either no letter or I can get letters for stuff. Also looking for a semi 50 to convert. Open to most anything, just let me know what you might be thinking. I’m able to supply new manufacture brass cased ammo in pallet or container sized quantities. 9mm, 5.56, 308 among others. list of some of the things I’m after: Registered AK, prefer fixed stock or krink Transferable Mini uzi or micro uzi(RR, no bolts) RDIAS Transferable 93r Colt M16's Transferable M14 or M1a transferable M60 Transferable BAR Transferable RPD Transferable DSHK Transferable Mac M11a1 in 380acp Transferable S&W pistol auto sear transferable FN FAL Transferable M2 ma duce Premay M249 mini gun parts XM-3 Knights M110, MK11 mod0 or 1, or bring back MP5SD sear host Shrike HK23e or MM23e FM-9 9mm beltfed upper M16 RR or colt M16 of some flavor Barrett M107a1(would consider other Barrett semi) AIAW 338LP Ammo, linked 5.56 and 308, mil surp, bulk is better Might consider other NFA items and transferables and premays. Never know what might sound good at the time Gold, silver, and other PM's . Thanks for the board! Donald