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  1. WTS - Breda 1937 parts kits

    The Breda 37 was adopted in 1937 by the Royal Italian Army. It's a gas-operated, air-cooled Italian heavy machine gun produced by Breda Meccanica Bresciana from 1937–43. The Breda used a larger cartridge than its rivals, the 8mmx59RB. It was the standard machine gun for the Royal Italian Army during World War II, and continued to be used by the Italian Army after the conflict. These guns were captured by the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) in 1989 and imported into the U.S. in the 1990s. Kit includes all pieces shown in picture including original pre-banned barrel and original cut receiver. Also one 20 round cartridge strip (shipped where lawful). No other separate parts are available. No tripod, no ammo loaders and no accessories. Price: $1195. plus Flat Rate shipping $50.
  2. Box appears complete (minus contents) from what I know. Leather and hinges are sound, wood is solid. $100 delivered to Knob Creek only. Direct email only, please: Remove NOSPAM from email.
  3. Breda 37 Loader

    WTB: Looking for a Breda 37 feed strip loading machine in 7.92mm (8 Mauser), as pictured. If you have one please throw me a price...I may just pay it! Direct email, please: Remove NOSPAM from email. Thanks, Nick