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  1. WTS: New in the Box never fired FN 249s. It was sent back for factory recall. 7200.00 shipped. Trade Interests would be FN FS2000, FN SCAR 17, Valmet, IMI Mini UZI carbine, DSArms Congo FAL.
  2. WTS: MM23e

    WTS MM23e, has 400 rounds through it semi (100) and auto (300), runs 100%. Not shown nut sack holder, 100 rnd nut sack, HK forward grip, ambi 4 pos HK lower housing that are included. $11,500 plus actual shipping. Sold
  3. 1919A4 with extras

    Posting for a customer. 1919A4, Ramo side plate. Set up in 30-06. Built on USGI parts kit. Assembled & test fired by Ohio Ordnance. Only 240 rounds through gun. Includes M2 tripod, T&E. Excellent condition. Also Includes: Spare 30-06 barrel M8 cover Linker 1000 30 caliber links 1000 7.62 links Head space & timing guage Spare bolt Spare top cover Combination wrench Broken shell extractor 100 round cloth belt 150 round cloth belt Shell catching bage Basic field manual Drive rod spring 21 buffer discs Spare rivets Gun is on form 4 in Arizona. $19,900. Only partial trade he will consider is a registered receiver USGI M2 Carbine plus cash+. Shipping & Insurance extra.
  4. I’m tired of linking belts and would rather shoot mag fed hk sear hosts. I havnt shot it much. Mine comes with a belt box and a grip housing if you have a burst pack. This is a semi-auto rifle capable of working with hk sears and registered sear packs. Dropping to $11k plus shipping Beau 4106933036
  5. Up for sale is a Complete German HK 23e Parts/Conversion kit with the Following: I am looking to sell everything together and I am asking $15,800 Delivered USPS Registered Mail with Full Insurance. Payments accepted Cashier Check or USPS Money Orders Only NO PAYPAL............
  6. Gentlemen, I have for sale 1 M60e4 Mod 1 kit. This kit is all New Old Stock. It includes everything to convert your M60 into an M60e4. These e4 parts have not been produced in some time and rarely come up for sale. Converting the gun is simple and I will assist the buyer with installing the parts. Any questions, please ask. $6,000 Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com **Pictures below for reference to show what the gun looks like when assembled**
  7. DLO ANM2 (MG-40) Colt Machine Gun. Fully transferable on form 4 in Indiana. Refinished in Manganese parkerizing. No rear sight. Gun and 8mm and 30/06 barrel only . 19,500.00 plus taxes and shipping.. no trades.. priced to sell. This gun uses both metallic and cloth belts. NRA(noSPAM) for questions. Yes, you may come and visit as it is quite a investment.
  8. HK21A1K Beltfed $40,000

    HK21A1K modified by TSC Machine. Started as a true HK21A1 build and we did the testing necessary adjusted the system and shorten the barrel. This unique configuration allows the gun to be shot standing up much more comfortably. The HK21A1 had a 18" barrel, this K configuration has a 14" barrel and still maintains the amazing accuracy of the system. Certain military groups have used this weapon as a dual use belt fed weapon and sniper/DMR role. The accuracy possible with this system is impressive. German parts kits for the HK21A1 are rare and have some advantages over the latest HK21E. The shorter shroud allows for he use of a short barrel (in this K configuration) at the same length as the barrel shroud of 14" without having to cut down the barrel shroud as you would to convert and HK21E But the longer 18" and 22" barrels can still be used. An 18" barrel would convert it back to a factory appearance if desired. Also, while the dual feed of the HK21E .308 feed mech is impressive, it can only use links and not belts. The rare HK21A1 belt feed unit can feed both links and belts...a very nice and convenient bonus for the recreational shooter. Priced for a quick sell....will include the following in a quick no haggle sale - 1-6 variable power vortex scope in a quick detach Bobro Mount (which has one of the best return to zero set ups available) Grey Ghost Gear Rifle case in either Black, Grey (pictured) or brown
  9. SACO Defense M60E-3 $66,900

    This is an extremely rare Saco Defense / Maremont M60-E3 US marked. This is not a conversion, but rather manufactured new as an E3. This is reportedly only one of about 25 on the registry. Essentially the holy grail of M60's and rarely ever offered for sale. This one has rarely been fired in the last several years. Excellent condition overall with only small scratches on the top cover edge. Runs just like it should. $66,900 with transfer and shipping paid to your FFL. It is on a form 4 in Kentucky. Contact me with any questions you may have. 859-361-9444 or Thanks for looking. Rex Tyson Kentucky Firearms
  10. Excellent 95-98 percent condition German HK 23e Feedmech complete with German HK 23e Bolthead complete IH date code on both. SOLD for both plus shipping Postal Money Order or Check Only
  11. IN STOCK NOW! FightLite, MCR060 Dual Feed Full-Auto Upper Receiver Assembly 6th Generation of the original “Shrike” - $3,995 For a limited time, we also have a few of the Ares Brand MCR060 at a special price of $3,795 while they last. These units are identical to the FightLite stamped MCR060, but are stamped with their subsidiary logo, Ares, instead. Each MC060 purchased from Dealernfa, Inc , includes our “Bonus Bundle” which contains: Magazine Adapter H3 Heavy Buffer 500 M27 Links As the original Authorized Reseller of FightLite products (with the Ares Defense Systems product line of beltfed firearms and upper receivers) DealerNFA, Inc. has always maintained a fast moving stock of the Ares/FightLite product line. DealerNFA’s status as their largest dealer, allows you to rest assured that we have the latest in brand new, factory fresh units – when you order from us you will get the latest refinements and versions available. MC060 Product Description Newest, 6th generation refinement, of the original "Shrike" Drop-On Upper Receiver Assembly that upgrades your AR15/M16/M4 type lower receivers or rifles 5.56 x 45mm NATO 16.25” Quick-Change Barrel 1:7” RHT, ½”-28 TPI & Chrome-Lined Barrel Short-Stroke Gas Piston Operation Dual Feed – Accepts ALL AR15/M16 Magazines & M27 Linked Ammunition Precision Machined 7075-T6 Billet Upper Receiver, Feed Cover and Charging Handle Precision Machined Billet Steel Feed Tray Finish – Manganese Phosphate & Type III, Class 2 Hardcoat anodize - Black Full-Auto Bolt Carrier Handguard Style – MIL-STD 1913 Rail Adjustable Sight Set Quick-Change Barrel Handle Ships with Main Action Spring, Bolt Catch, Carbine Stock Spacer, (100) M27 Links & Operator’s Manual Made In USA Lower receiver, bipod, and ammunition not included High Performance Parts & Accessories Many people in the NFA firearms community associate DealerNFA, Inc. as being the biggest and most reputable machinegun dealer in the industry, but as part of our relationship with FightLite (the parent company of Ares Research – the inventors of the Shrike weapons system) , we are also delighted to assist you in product selection or in special ordering any Ares product that we don’t normally stock. The list below represents parts that we stock for the FightLite/Ares products BBL-006 12.5” Quick Change Barrel $570.00 BBL-002 16.25” Quick Change Barrel $570.00 15035 MCR, Quick-Change Barrel handle $110.00 15090 MCR, Front Sight Assembly $140.00 15091 MCR, Rear Sight Assembly $170.00 15079 MCR, Magazine Adapter $125.00 15062 MCR, Dual Feed Bolt Carrier, Full Auto, Stripped $430.00 Buffer, Heavy, H3 $39.95 S&H and Insurance for accessories and parts not ordered at the same time as an MCR060 will be shipped via FedEx Ground, Insured, for a flat rate of $25.00 Dealernfa, Inc Ruben Mendiola President For the quickest response, please contact us through our toll free number 7 days a week, from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM EST, or by email: 305-271-3436 866-NFA-WANT (866-632-9268) Toll Free 866-415-7066 Toll Free Fax 305- 718 -4976 Fax Please visit our website for more detailed images that can be magnified at: | | Facebook | Instagram | We are dealers and not Brokers. All firearms are in stock under our control and owned by DealerNFA, Inc With over 30 years in the Class III business, dealing in high quality legal firearms is not a hobby, but a profession - you will receive well deserved fast professional service. We are always looking for and paying top dollar for high quality legally registered machine gun, please either call me our my Toll Free line, email or fax. DealerNFA, Inc. pays the ATF transfer tax and payment is sent overnight. Florida residents are subject to Florida Sales tax.
  12. DLO Browning 1919A4 email contact: Model: 1919A4 Caliber: .308 Manufacturer: DLO Price: $18,500 Form 4 in PA Includes: 1917 Tripod, Can Holder & Pintle Spade Grips Tools Belt Loader 5000+ Links The gun has been in the safe for last 5 years. Tested in March. Ran a 200 round belt of New NATO 7.62x51 without any issues. Includes shipping and first transfer tax. References available. Contact me by email for phone number. Thanks for looking, Chris email contact:
  13. Gentlemen, I have ONE NOS M60D Magazine Bracket that just came in. These are also known as feed chute mounting brackets..... These are 100% New Old Stock Manufactured by Saco Defense. They are complete and ready to go. Absolutely immaculate condition. As most of you know these are one of the hardest parts to find for the M60. They mount to the left side of the channel right below your feed tray. Feed Chute attached to them and can be quickly released and attached using the levers on the bracket. Please see the video from my youtube channel below for a better understanding on how these work. Only 1 available at this time. Typically these rivet to the side of the gun but I do have special mounting hardware that is available at an additional cost. $250 EACH Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com BELOW VIDEOS TO SHOW HOW THESE BRACKETS WORK
  14. The package includes a new Fleming HK machine gun auto sear on Form 3 installed by F J Vollmer in a SEF pack. This he installed in a new German HK 93, test fired , then sold. It has never left the safe since then. The gun ,as shown, has a retractable butt stock, sling and comes with 3 mags and instruction manual. All items are new. Includes is a never fired HK23E 5.56 NATO beltfed rifle built by Michaels Machines This gun comes with a linked ammo loader, 10,500 steel links and instruction manual. Each item offered here is new and unfired, not refurbished to look new. The real bonus is that Mike Otte backs up his work with a guarantee and free mods and tech support on his guns. Please remove SPAM to contact me at jrs6u@virginia.eduSPAM $51,000 Or best offer
  15. Gentlemen, I have for sale a Rock Island Armory M60e6. I have had this gun for awhile and it is on a Form 4 in Pennsylvania. Receiver is factory original and no modifications have been done to it. This gun runs flawlessly and is in very nice condition. I meticulously maintained this gun and it has never let me down. Super low round count on the E6 kit. I am unsure of the approximate round count on the gun. I am the second owner of this weapon. The original owner bought it direct from Rock Island Armory. Please don't waste my time with low offers. The gun will either sell for or close to my asking price or back in the safe it goes. Gun Will include a spare Bolt (complete), OpRod, and 1 CapCo 100 round Ammo Box. Not interested in any trades as every cent from this sale will be going into another project. $48,000 Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  16. I have two M60e6 conversion kits inbound. ONE DANISH KIT AND ONE BLACK KIT....The kits include everything to turn your M60 into the latest and greatest design. These are brand new. As always, I will assist buyers with assembling their guns which is not difficult to do. For detailed information on these kits and how to assemble them, please see my video below. Although not pictured, the m60e6 ammo hanger is included with the parts kit. Black kit - $8,500 Danish kit - $9,000 Thanks, Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com **BELOW PHOTOS ARE FOR REFERENCE ONLY TO SHOW WHAT THE GUN LOOKS LIKE ASSEMBLED**
  17. ZQI Turk 308 in Beltfeds/MGs

    Anyone have any experience running Turkish ZQI 308/7.62x51 147 grain ammo in their MG's? Seems cheap and cheerful. Not sure if it will run reliably and feed properly. May just be better off running better ammo, but worth a thread here to find out from those who are experienced. I will be running it in 1919a4 and MG-42. Thanks for the insight, Mark
  18. This is sold pending funds. I've decided that it's time to get rid of my "fringe" toys that I rarely use, so it's time for the Razorback to go. What I'm selling is a Lakeside Machine X-1 Razorback 22LR beltfed upper with a whole pile of accessories. This upper was purchased from Eric Graetz (Lakeside Guns) at Knobb Creek the last year he attended as a vendor. I futzed with this upper for a long time and only had intermittant success getting it to run more than a couple rounds at a time. Eventually, I boxed the entire thing up (along with my M16) and shipped it to Eric asking him to just "make it run". You can see some shiny spots in the feed area where he polished parts of it. Unfortunately, shortly after it came back Sandy Hook happened and 22 ammo all but disappeared. These uppers are selective about the ammo they use in the first place, and it was tough getting ANY ammo. Since that time, the upper has stayed on one of my benches collecting dust - it just wasn't worth it to try and hunt down lots of different types of ammo during the panic to see what would work. As a result, there are probably less than 300 rounds fired through it. The upper comes with the following accessories: 1 standard buffer 1 super heavy buffer 2 short carbine buffer spacers - the original that came with it, and a second, slightly shorter one that came back with the upper from it's visit with Eric 1 long rifle buffer spacer 6 200-round belts 1 50-round belt 1 belt loading kit - When I ship the upper out, I'll remove the kit from the 2x4. It's just a piece of scrap wood. 2 metal feedboxes, created by ARFCOM member Southern_Raider. Note that the feedboxes are meant attach to the left side only. They'll attach to the right side, but there's nothing to lock them in place, and there's no real way to feed an empty belt into it reliably. 1 brass catcher, also created by Southern_Raider 1 Armorer's Block 1 aluminium charging handle in the upper along with 2 extra plastic charging handles, so 3 total (I swapped out the AL and a plastic handle for the pic) 1 Armorer's Block Bolt Stop 1 4'oclock hammer spring I also attached an FAL-style carry handle to the upper, as seen in the pics. A second barrel shroud, retaining nut, and threaded barrel collar. The barrel collar has the same thread as an uppper receiver assembly so that you can attach a standard rail. I bought that from Lakeside when I (very) briefly went through a phase wanting a rail on the gun, as seen in the below pic: I was on the waiting list for an advanced spare parts kit, and back in March Lakeside contacted me with some available, so I bought a spare parts kit for $225. The spare parts kit looks like a combination of both Razorback as well as a few other parts I can't identify (1919 miniature maybe?). Using this diagram, these are the parts I identified for certain: 1 Firing Pin 1 Extractor 1 Flipper Cam 1 Feed Lever 2 Feed Pawl Springs 1 Wave Washer 1 U-Clip 1 Plastic Charging Handle 1 4 O’ Clock Hammer Spring 1 Standard (?) Hammer Spring 1 Disconnector Spring 1 Feed Lever Screw 1 E-Clip 1 Flipper Cam Retaining Spring 1 Firing Pin Spring There are other parts I can't identify, but since Eric sent them I'm sure they fit in there somewhere. You can see for yourself what came in the kit with the following pics: The 4 O’ Clock Hammer Spring sitting beside the parts kit box is the one that originally came with the upper. I'm selling this as a package deal and will not sell the parts separately. If you'd like specific pics please don't hesitate to contact me. If you live local to me in NW Atlanta (or have a friend that does) and want to see it, contact me and we'll work something out. $1700 shipped & insured with delivery confirmation - this is less than I paid for the Razorback alone, not counting all the accessories and parts. I'll accept either Postal money orders or PayPal + 3.5% (no gift option). Thanks for looking, -bob
  19. Gentlemen, We have a US Ordnance M60e4 Mod 1 (Mk43) conversion kit inbound. Aside from the barrel, everything Appears new. US Ordnance is no longer producing M60e4 kits and these rarely if ever come up for sale anymore. The bolt in the below pictures is not included with this kit. Everything else you see is. $6,500 OBO Shipped Pictures posted below of actual kit you will receive. Any questions, please ask. Aaron - Mohnton, Pa M60.MachineGun@AOL.Com To see video of the Mk43 in action, or for information on the M60 Machine Gun, please visit my YouTube channel here --> *** BELOW PHOTOS ARE FOR REFERENCE ONLY TO SHOW WHAT THE MK43 LOOKS LIKE ASSEMBLED **
  20. Gentlemen, I still have some M60e3 Assault Boxes available. These boxes were made by Capco (Capawanna Company Las Vegas, NV), which began production in 1985. They are a hard plastic and will attach to the M60 standard, e3 , e4, or e6 feed hangers. They hold 100 Rounds of Linked ammo. Approximately 1,400 of these boxes were produced by Capco. They came out around the same time that the US Military was adopting the M240 and never secured a military contract. So they never went into mass production. They were featured in a May 1989 article of Soldier of Fortune which I have posted below. These have not been available for quite some time..... I have posted a video here to give a better review of these boxes --> Soldier of Fortune Article ----> Boxes are $75 each....... All boxes will ship USPS Priority Mail. 4 Boxes fit in medium flat rate, 5 boxes fit in large flat rate. Buyer pays actual shipping. Aaron in Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  21. WTB: M60e3 Forward Pistol Grips -Pic

    Gentlemen, . Looking for an M60e3 forward pistol grip. Preferably complete...will buy as many as you have for sale.. I have posted a picture below for all you guys that have these and don't know what they are.... Always looking to trade as well...have lots of M60 Parts. Aaron - Mohnton, Pa
  22. $8500 Shipped Item for sale is (1) M249 MK-46 Closed Bolt Semi Automatic SAW LMG. Chambered in 5.56mm, Meets BATFE Specs for semi auto. NON NFA! An easy way to get the gun of your dreams. Manufactured by Eric Grimes of Great Machine / Gun Envy in Columbus OH. Firearm is new made from a mixture of new manufactured and surplus parts. Insured shipping is extra. Payment via certified funds.. MO residents must pay 7% sales tax. Fuzzy cats not included. Thanks,
  23. Want to sell a new in box MM23E semi auto 5.56mm Beltfed. Gun is ready for your registered trigger pack or sear. Gun is brand new and never been fired except by factory. Gun. Comes in Boyd hard case that has been cut out for gun. Price is $11,500 shipped to your FFL. If paying by Credit card there is a 3% up charge for MasterCard and Visa thank you in advance David Basha FFL/SOT in AZ
  24. Gentlemen, I have for sale TWO M60e3 conversion kits. For those of you who are not aware, these kits will convert your standard M60 into an M60e3. These kits were produced by Saco Defense. Individual kit conditions listed below with pictures. The kits pictured is what you will actually receive. I will send close up individuals photos of each component to serious buyers. **Any questions, Please Ask Thanks, Aaron - Mohnton, Pa - M60.MachineGun@Aol.Com KIT 1 - Used and in excellent condition. What you see in the photographs is what you will receive. Topcover is complete. $3,850 ** SPF SPF ** KIT 2 - I believe everything in this kit is NOS. It comes with a New / Never in a gun Commando barrel. What you see pictured is what you will receive. $4,500 SOLD SOLD SOLD **BELOW PICTURES ARE FOR REFERENCE ONLY TO SHOW WHAT THE M60E3 LOOKS LIKE ASSEMBLED**
  25. . Got the following M60 Machine Gun Parts for sale..always looking to trade for other M60 Parts..Pictures and prices below - Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com -NOS in wrap Standard Gas Nuts - $12 -NOS Rubber top cover Cheek Rests - $75 **price drop** - NOS in wrap M60 Combo tools - $10 shipped