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  1. 50 BMG BlackTip Belted Ammo in Ammo Cans

    50 BMG BlackTip Belted Ammo in Ammo Cans I sold my M2HBs and I have 1700 rds of BLACK TIP (penetrator) in 50 cal ammo cans. Pictures not taken, but you know what it is. $250.00 per can of 100 rd belted black tip 50 BMG ammo. I can ship large quantity of this (actually I already have shipped). And, BTW, I have a NAVY DECK MOUNT and M63 Ground Mount AA & Personell/ be listed on Sturm with pictures. Ivan Shapiro - Northern Maine Tactical Supply I’m Listed on SUBGUNS RECOMMENDED DEALERS LIST for 17 years Call me (207) 476-0000 daily 9AM-7PM Eastern or email
  2. WTS: .50 Cal. BMG

    Late date US GI Brass, powder and primer, from US government contractor. GI links and ammo can. Belt like new. Great non corrosive ammo for your semi or full auto. .50 Cal. Belted Ammo. US Gov. Contractor Manufactured. 650 grain, Re-loadable Brass, 100 rounds per can. $275.per can (also available as loose rounds - indicate your choice when ordering)