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  1. Belt fed 22 caliber full auto pellet gun. Extra belts, air tank, drum, over 2000 pellets, and belt loaders. SMG22 by Air Ordnance $500 plus shipping. Text me 502-541-3919
  2. Transferable Vickers Mk1, registered side plate by Wilson Arms built into an excellent+ condition Australian WWII parts set. It is currently set up in .303 British, but it comes with an 8 mm caliber conversion kit consisting of lock, feed tray, and barrel. Other accessories include: extra .303 barrel, original water can and hose, three brass tabbed Australian belts, complete Australian armorer’s set and tools, original tripod, original ammo can, ammo can tray, belt loader, flash hider, and original transport case. Gun is in great condition and has no issues. Price for all is $17,000 plus shipping. Can deliver accessories to Knob Creek. Alex Levy, 904-699-7778, Florida
  3. This is a semi auto Heckler & Koch HK21 belt fed built up from a factory FMP receiver by Vollmer Mfg. It has all the correct upgrades and is sear ready. This is a HK21 not the HK21E model. The firearm runs great and is in excellent condition. I fired maybe 300 rounds through it since I have owned it. This will include one belt box as pictured. This was sent in to RDTS for the following upgrades back in 2009: Forward Assist w/installation. Includes internal parts and bolt carrier machining. Low Weaver style tabs welded to top of receiver. Weld over and re-machine cocking notch Tri-Coat System Finish Complete Abrasive strip to base metal, Interior coated in SL200 selflube surface as is Bolt Carrier and Cocking support. Exterior has bonding coat of SPIOOO with MX25 (Exact HK Black) laid on top. Coatings arc thermally set for long lasting factory perfect protection for your weapon. Modify feed mech for links Dissasemble and reweld cut down HK2IE Buffer Carryhandle Mount In addition I have spare barrels, belts, and some other accessories available. SOLD
  4. For Sale is a HK21E belt-fed MG host by RDTS (Red Dog Tactical Supply (Phoenix) – built specifically by Ralph 6 years ago) in 7.62 complete with bipod and quick-change barrel (obviously). This gun was test fired with a full auto trigger pack (HT Armory) and runs fast and flawlessly. Sold as a host for one. This HK21E was built on new CA G3 receiver in the white with all HK parts. Complete refinishing by Ralph – not a scratch or flaw on this HK anywhere; youcan call Ralph and ask. Comes with semi trigger pack and ready for your FA pack; runs great as a semi as well. Complete gun as finished by Ralph. $11,700. Additional info available for a post or email. Shipping and insurance is $70 (max – less if closer to NM or 0 if picked up here) anywhere in the USA except where prohibited.
  5. MG08/15 in 308 or 8mm

    Transferable MG08/15. Runs good in 308! And 8mm. Ready to run, needs nothing. Comes with sling, drum, and belts. It on a form 4 in Alabama. I’m consigning it for the seller. Asking $13000. Text me 502-541-3919 David. German belt loader available for an extra $1200.
  6. I’ve decided to part with one of my Stoner 63A’s and am offering it for sale or will consider trade for an excellent condition Maremont M60. Item is a Pre-86 Dealer Sample Cadillac Gage Stoner 63A in extremely good condition (with exception of buttstock which was damaged in shipping and repaired). Configuration is Left Hand feed with 20” Barrel and has the more rare XM-207 fire control housing with the folding trigger guard and butt stock with top sling swivel and bolt disassembly window. Weapon was manufactured by Cadillac Gage Co. in Warren, MI in September 1968 and exported to NWM in Holland in October 1968, who was a licensed sales/mfg partner of Cadillac Gage at that time. It was then re-imported by Ed Kline prior to May 19, 1986 and is registered with the NFA Branch as a pre-86 Dealer Sample. As such, it can only be transferred to a FFL with current Special Occupational Tax stamp, but can be permanently retained upon giving up FFL/SOT. Gun runs great and is in stock and ready to transfer on an ATF Form 3. Price is $59,995 for complete weapon and I will include 1,000 brand new and original S63 links and a 100-round ammo box (locks into feed tray) with purchase. I am also willing to sell the receiver stripped, for those who already have Stoner 63A parts and are interested in saving some money and configuring their own system. Price for stripped receiver is $49,995. Interested parties, please email to: Thank you.
  7. WTS: Czech ZB-37 Original Barrel

    Mfg in Czechoslovakia and used as heavy belt feed machine gun. 7.92×57 (8MM Mauser) with a cut receiver. Original pre-banned barrel. Includes Tripod, Feed Belt where legal and Belt Loader, and Ammo Box. $1995.00
  8. I bought this from a dealer who ordered it for a client who never took delivery. The dealer shot it to verify function. It's sat in my safe every since. $11,000 10,300 9,800 shipped. Also available for a FTF in Broward/Miami area. Please e-mail me at matthewtroccoliesq (at) gmail (dot) com
  9. NEW IN THE BOX Freedom Ordnance FM-9 9mm Belt Fed Upper mated to a NEW UNFIRED Colt 6933 Factory SBR Lower Receiver. Comes as shown with a 11" Quick Change Barrel, Belt Bag, 150 Custom Links, Manual, NEW Military Grip-Pod, Poly/SS legs, GPS-02. Factory Box. Colt SBR Receiver registered on Form 3. In-Stock for Immediate transfer. *****FOR THE MONTH OF MAY SPECIAL****** ******FREE 1000rds of PMC BRONZE 115gr, Brass Case, FMJ Ammo with each SBR purchased**** $2,395.00 FREE SHIPPING - NO COST TO YOU WE ARE THE MASTER STOCKING DISTRIBUTOR FOR THE STATE OF FLORIDA. WE HAVE IN-STOCK THE 16" VERSION FOR NON-NFA APPLICATIONS, 11" VERSION & 6" VERSION FOR NFA APPLICATIONS. $1,895.00 EACH. SHIPPED/INSURED CONUS.
  10. Kel-Tec 308 RFB Carbine BLACK Umarex Hk 416 22 LR Carbine FN NIB Black SCAR 17 308 CALIBER Kel-Tec Shotgun 12 GA 14 R KelTec KSG Tan *Limited* KELTEC SUB2K GLOCK 19 GEN2 KelTec Sub2K TAN G2 Glk 17 17RD Mag Keltec RFB24 308 Bullpup Keltec Sub2K Gen II Glock 23 Black Windham Weaponry MCS-3 Multi-Caliber Rifle System .223-5.56mm / KelTec Sub2K G2 Glk 19 OG Green SIG SAUER P238 380 PURPLE CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Pistol HK VP9 Striker Fired Pistol H&K VP9 9mm Striker Fired LEO 3/15 Glock 17 Gen 2 PD Trade IN HK45C (Compact) (V1) DA/SA OD Green Frame & Slide Smith Wesson MP& PD trade IN NEW Glock 30-S 45 ACP Kel-Tec PF9 Black DAO 7 RD KEL-TEC PRM-30 22 Black Taurus PT 738 TCP .380 ACP Black/Polymer Pocket Pistol ATI FX 45 ACP FatBoy 1911 Glock 42 NEW 380 caliber Glock 17 G4 OD GRREN Ruger LC9S Striker Fire 9mm Pistol Sig Sauer P938 9mm Purple Finish POF 5KX 9mm Pistol 2-15 RD 2 -30 RD MAG H&K P30SK 9MM SUBCOMPACT V1 LIGHT LEM DAO HK P30SK V3 9mm 730903K-A5 CZ 805 BREN PS1 556NATO 11" 30RD Glock 19 G4 Battlefield Green GLOCK NIB 42 380 OD GREEN SLIDE GLOCK NIB 42 380 BURNT BROWN SLIDE GLOCK NIB 42 380 FDE SLIDE GLOCK 17 9MM GENERATION 4 GLOCK 19 G4 MOS 3/15 RD MAGS Taurus PT111 G2 9MM GLOCK 23 Gen4 40 cal NIB Glock G27 G3 9+1 40 S&W 3.42 Kimber Micro Pistol 380 ACP NIB USP45 Compact V7 LEM DAO w/NS 3/8rd ZENITH Z-43 P MKE PISTOL 5.56X45MM ZENITH Z-5P MKE PISTOL 9MM Zenith Z-5RS Pistol 9mm H&K M704001T-A5 USP40 Tactical 13+1 40S&W 4.9" V1 Glock 43 9mm Pistol Heckler Koch VP9 Counter/Armorer's Mat LC M855 200rd SAW Battle Packs Linked CZ-SBR/922-SCORPION KIT Telescoping/Folding Stock for the SIG MPX and SIG MCX SIG SAUER MPC/MPX A3 STOCK CZ BREN 805 922R PARTS AND FOLDING STOCK KIT SOCOM Pistol Carry Case FN/HK MCX/MPX SIDE FOLDING STOCK NEW FROM SIG FDE FNH SAW 249S WITH 200 ROUND BATTLE PACK LINK 556 IWI TAVOR 9MM 1/32 RD FDE IWI Tavor 223 Israel Defense Forces IWI Tavor 223 Israel Defense Forces FDE TAVOR SAR, flattop with full Picatinny rail, LEFT HAND IWI Tavor OD Green Glock 43 9MM Special Addition GLOCK 42 Battlefield Green DIAMONDBACK FIREARMS DB9 9MM EXO DIAMONDBACK FIREARMS DB9 9MM DUOTONE 3" VISIT OUR WEB SIGHT AT FACEBOOK PAGE HI CAPS MAGS HERE AR15 and other weapons here
  11. I have a couple M60 barrel assembly's, they both are complete with gas system, flash hiders and bipods and in excellent shape, they do have handling marks on them like they have been shipped around some, but no rust of any kind....... The first one is dated 10-60 and is in excellent shape, the throat measures between 0 and 1 on my gauge, the bore is like new, the bipod feet bottoms don't have any wear on them...$750 The second one is dated 6-97 and is as new, there are no signs on the barrel extension from installation, no signs on the inside from a bolt either...the throat measures 0 and the bore is new...$750 Shipping is $45 each in the cont USA, postal money order...
  12. I will ship this, but would have to charge actual shipping which would probably be ~$100. I would prefer a FTF in the Sarasota/Bradenton/Venice/Port Charlotte areas in FL. This is a good condition MG3 ground mount tripod that, like most German military items, is a functional work of engineering art. It will work with many beltfed MGs including the 1919 with an adapter. There isn't anything on the tripod that you can't adjust, there is even an integrated bubble level in one of the legs. All the adjustments work as intended, the bubble level works, traverse and elevation work unbelievably smooth, trigger actuator works. This one even comes w/ the original optic and optic container (which fits onto the tripod in both deployed and travel configuration). The carry straps are a bit ratty and there is some surface rust, but other than that it is in good shape. These used to be widely available but dried up a couple years ago. Price is $700 w/ payment via cash or paypal if FTF. If you don't live locally and want this tripod, payment can be made by USPS MO, certified check or MO (must clear before shipping), or discreet paypal. Email is cake5150 AT gmail DOT com
  13. Thinking about selling my HK 21 parts kit. Complete all factory German parts, not fmp. German barrel, German trunnion removed from cut receiver. Shroud is straight and ready for assembly on a new receiver. Every part was cherry picked from various kits with a few new factory feed mechanism parts. Also comes with factory NOS feed block to magazine feed. Two feed boxes come with it as well, one already cut for the feeder, the other not and two 60's era receiver reinforcing rails. Just add your donor HK91 receiver for a really nice all German HK 21 belt fed. Pictures available to serious buyers.
  14. NEW IN THE BOX Freedom Ordnance FM-9 9mm Belt Fed Upper mated to a NEW UNFIRED Colt 6933 Factory SBR Lower Receiver. Comes as shown with a 11" Quick Change Barrel, Belt Bag, 150 Custom Links, Manual & Factory Box. ALSO INCLUDES a 6" Conversion Kit and a NEW Grip-Pod GPS-02, Military Model with Poly/SS legs. SO TO BE CLEAR - YOU WILL RECEIVE A NEW COLT FACTORY SHORT BARREL RIFLE, A COMPLETE 11" BELT FED UPPER RECEIVER WITH ACCESSORIES, A 6" CONVERSION KIT (BARREL, RAIL & WRENCH) & GRIP POD. Colt SBR Receiver registered on Form 3. In-Stock for Immediate transfer. $3,095.00 INCLUDES SHIPPING & INSURANCE CONUS **Price has been discounted for cash** **Add 3% for Credit Cards** ALL NFA RULES APPLY ***WE STOCK THE FOLLOWING ACCESSORIES*** 6", 11" & 16" Barrels are $289.95 1000 Links are $60.00 Belt Bags are $69.95 6", 11" & 16" Conversion Kits (Barrel, Rail, T-Wrench) $400
  15. NEW IN BOX First of its Kind Freedom Ordnance FM-9, 11" Quick Change Barrel 9mm Belt Fed Upper for the AR15, M16 Platform. Functions with Semi-Auto or Full-Auto on Any Mil-Spec Lower Receiver. Comes as Pictured 11" or 6" NFA Barreled Upper Receiver, Mag Well Adapter, Belt Bag, 150 Custom 9mm Links, Manual & Factory Custom Fitted Carton. NO FFL REQUIRED. Factory New. $1,895.00 FREE CONUS S&I **Price has been discounted for cash** **Add 3% for Credit Cards** ALL NFA RULES APPLY ***WE STOCK THE FOLLOWING ACCESSORIES*** 6", 11" & 16" Barrels are $289.95 1000 Links are $60.00 Belt Bags are $69.95 6", 11" & 16" Conversion Kits (Barrel, Rail, T-Wrench) $400
  16. For me its more E-Guns and Colt LMGs