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  1. *** SOLD OUT *** 20mm Lahti L-39 at-rifle manual in English English translation of the original 1941 L-39 at-rifle manual - 20x138Bmm VKT L-39 "Lahti" anti-tank rifle Size 140mm x 180mm, 56 numbered pages plus annex, has a nice A3 foldout sheet of L-39 and L-39/40 Defence Staff Ordnance Department - 20mm ANTITANK-RIFLE L/39 - Helsinki 1941 Price for the manual is 29.00 $ (economy postage included) (if you prefer way faster PRIORITY mailing then the L39 manual cost is 34 USD incl. postage)
  2. SOLD WTS: 20mm trench art from 1941 - Lahti L39 & Madsen 20mm Lahti L-39 in action I T E M : 20mm cartridge cases on burly wood (+ photo bonus) A nice candle stand made in 1941 of three brass cases screwed to a burly wood (nordic birch) foot. In the middle is a Lahti L39 20x138B mm brass case and to the sides two Madsen M39 20x120mm brass cases. Cases fixed in place with three long blued steel screws (case bases threaded) (a few L39 at-rifle action photos will be included as a bonus) Price for 20mm trench art item is 114.00 $ (free shipping) Check other ads on Sturmgewehr;
  3. SOLD OUT FREE SHIPPING WTS: 20mm LAHTI L-39 anti-tank rifle manual in English - an English translation of the original Finnish 1941 L-39 anti-tank rifle manual - 63 pages and foldout annex, soft cover booklet - Size of booklet is 145mm x 210mm (foldout drawing 295mm x 420mm) - 20 x 138B mm VKT "LAHTI" L-39 anti-tank rifle CONTENTS: I.General II.Construction III.Disassembling the rifle IV.Assembling the rifle V.Preparing the rifle for firing, loading, applying the safety, and function of parts when firing VI.Maintenance during firing and cleaning after firing VII.Malfunctions VIII. Tool- and spare parts list IX. List of rifle parts PRICE 26.00 USD PayPal OK for booklet (ask for payment details) FREE SHIPPING Some info on the historic weapon on Wikipedia; Please note other 20mm L-39 accessories for sale on the board;