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  1. Hi Y'all, I have been waiting almost four years to write this post, and it feels great to finally be in the market for an original AR-10! When I first got interested in this topic because of my awesome modern AR-10, I was a law student and my wife and I couldn't afford for me to get an original. Two years ago, I started writing a book on the topic, and my wife told me that if, and only if, it gets published, can I start collecting original AR-10s. Well, Collector Grade Publications signed me and my book is now in print, so I am finally in the market for one I am hoping to get a Portuguese first, but would change that plan if someone were willing to sell me a great-condition Sudanese or Guatemalan, as my end goal is to have one of each of these two variants (I consider Sudanese and Guatemalan interchangeable, because only the flash hider and barrel shroud differ at all). I don't see it as a reasonable possibility of acquiring a Cuban, KLM, Transitional Carbine, Hollywood, Costa Mesa (there's only one of them ever made), Finnish (any of the three variants); and neither of the Transitional variants nor the AR-102 Sporter really appeal to me much, not to say that I wouldn't consider one if it were available! I am only interested in one of these rifles on a semi-auto lower so I don't have to deal with the hassle of a Class III or submit to periodic ATF inspections, and among those, the lower receivers I would consider are, in order of preference: (1) a Boyd Hahn (Hahn Machine Co.) rewelded original lower; (2) Sendra Corp. aluminum (not the steel ones they made); (3) Telko; and (4) Specialty Arms. Any of these would be perfectly acceptable to me, although I of course put a premium on a rewelded original lower, as most collectors also do. I am not really interested in a CKA, H&H, or PAC lower, although I hear they also can be good. Aside from the Hahn reweld, which just looks like an original lower with the full-auto sear pin hole filled in, here are pictures from my book of the other lowers in which I have interest: Basically, if you have an AR-10 like this with which you would be willing to part at a good price, please let me know! Finally, I also really need a grenade ladder sight for the Second Transitional/Portuguese. My contacts have been able to help me collect the entire issue kit for both the Sudanese/Guatemalan and the Portuguese (full magazine loadout, blank-firing adapter, automatic fire stop, magazine charger, correct sling, new-condition bayonets, etc.), except for that one part. If anybody has one of those, I would very much like to buy it off you! Here are a few pictures from the book of how it looks: Thanks again, folks, for helping me make my AR-10 dream a reality