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  1. ***This book is sold*** (many thanks!) See my other sales; FREE SHIPPING 20MM IN FINLAND WEAPONS AND AMMUNITION PRIOR TO 1945 - text in Finnish and English - excellent photos and drawings - hardcover book size 220 x 300 x 22mm (weight 1,5kg), 264 pages - historical info on 20mm anti-tank rifles, aa-cannon and aircraft guns used by the Finns - 13,2mm to 20mm experimental guns - 20mm L34 automatic cannon - 20mm LAHTI L39 at-rifle and full auto aa-version L39/44 - 20mm BSW, Breda, Madsen and Mauser - 20mm Hispano-Suiza, ShVAK and 28/20 PZB41 - 20mm Finnish and foreign ammunition (see ad on parts&accessories for original 20mm L-39 items) PRICE 74.00 USD FREE SHIPPING PayPal OK for books (ask for payment details) FREE SHIPPING See other sales for combined shipping savings.