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  1. $10,995 Fully transferable Ruger AC556-F machine gun carbine with folding stock, semi-3 shot burst and full auto with selector modes. Fully transferable and we will transfer on form 3 to your dealer. Barrel is 13" with 24" overall length when stock is folded. 5.56mm caliber, blued carbine and blued magazine. One new 20 round magazine included. Excellent condition. Shipping and insurance $100 total Fedex paid by buyer. The AC-556 is a selective-fire version of the Mini-14 marketed for military and law enforcement use. "F" versions have folding stocks. The design incorporates a selector on the right/rear of the receiver to select either semi-automatic, 3-round burst, or full-automatic fire modes; the manual safety at the front of the trigger guard operates the same as a standard Mini-14. The front sight is winged and incorporates a bayonet lug. The 13-inch (330 mm) barrel incorporates a flash suppressor, which can be used to launch approved tear-gas and smoke grenades. A folding stock was used on the AC-556F and AC-556K. The AC-556 was dropped from production in 1999. Firearm(s) in this ad are possessed by, titled to, and will be shipped by John Norrell Inc. These are not being brokered and are not third party sales. Firearm in this ad will be transferred to a class III dealer on an ATF form 3. John Norrell has been a licensed manufacturer and dealer (C-2/C-3) for 35 years and is currently an officer of the U.S. Federal Court appointed in the role as a Special Master administrator to liquidate NFA firearms released directly to us by ATF under court order. All NFA rules apply. Acceptable payment will be in the form of either a cashier's check or a money payable to JOHN NORRELL, INC. This item is listed by, and the website and postings are monitored by E. A. Shelnutt of John Norrell Inc. When a party offers the full advertised amount, they are automatically the official buyer and any other ongoing negotiations or conversations with other parties are no longer relevant.
  2. Have a couple MG’s I’m toying with the idea of trading up for something else. 2 for 1? 3 for 1? Let me know what you have, what you are thinking. I’d look at M16’s, colt m16a1’s, HK sears, M60 beltfed, heck just about anything. I have other items to trade, can add cash. Or you might have to add, depending on what you have. Worst case I can say no. These guns are on my books here in central Pa, so can arrange a meeting if you’d like to come look. Have many references for many $10k+ deals, efile(well the gov shut down is putting a damper on that). My guns: 1. Ruger KAC556F-very clean ruger, engage your inner A-team, side folder 5.56 in SS. 2. Vector Uzi- nice little subgun, very useful, parts are easy to find, conversion kits, mags, all easy to find. 3. Ruger AC556F-nice blued gun, side folder. Came out of a three gun collection, the owner had two Rugers, one was his shooter, this one was his safe queen. Comes with the factory ruger box, paperwork as it did when new. Email me or message me on the site. Thanks, Donald
  3. Scammer Alert “Ivan” Posting up NFA items at low prices and claiming to be a dealer out of NV and PA. He is using a current FFL/SOT from a reputable dealer located in PA, I know the dealer and contacted him right away. David had emailed his info (he thought to another dealer) for a deal on a Mac 11, then the deal went south. The scammer used the low price M11 to get a copy of a valid FFL/SOT. Then the scammer posted up a AC556 at a good price, also had a lot of pics, but this was all a SCAM! Don’t get scammed, ask for a copy of the F3 showing the weapon and always do a FFL Ezcheck!
  4. Selling one silencer and one post-86 dealer sample machine gun: 1. Knight’s Armament Company (KAC) H&K KAC Navy 10mm/.40 MP5 silencer, used. Very hard to get. This is a threaded silencer. All 100% factory KAC. $750 + $30 shipping to lower 48. Will ship out after approval on e-Form 3, which usually takes 1-2 days to clear NFA. Photos below. Of course no PD Demo Letter needed. 2. Ruger AC556 (Factory, not a conversion) - Used, 5.56mm, Wood Stock, Blued, Safe/Semi/3-RB/Full selector. 16” barrel. Photos on bottom post. Comes with a 20-round magazine. I have shot this with no issues. $950 + $50 shipping to lower 48. Post-86 DS and will require a PD Demo Letter. Photos below. 100% payment up front to start the ATF forms. I will submit the ATF e-File upon receipt of FFL, SOT, Demo Letter (if applicable), and funds. We are not responsible for dealer transfer fees of ATF taxes, that is the responsibility of the buyer. Not looking for trades. Credit cards will incur +3.5% (V/MC/Discover). I do not accept checks. NO EXPORT SALES! Any questions please email. I maintain odd hours so calling me will most likely result in you talking to my voice mail Steve Ou Spreadfire Arms Austin, TX FFL/SOT 03 email:
  5. I have the following post-86 Dealer Samples I am clearing out to make some room. Please note all of these require a valid FFL/SOT/PD Demo Letter as I am not turning in my SOT nor do I have any plans to. If you are looking for me to cut into a parts kit please advise it will cost an additional $100 for the labor and it will probably take me some time to do so as I may have to use special tools to cut the receivers or disassemble the weapons if they have trunnions or other parts that are somehow difficult to remove from the receiver (in which you will get parts of the receiver - I will need to keep the serialized portion of the receiver to show the ATF inspector that the MG was parted out for my A&D book). 1. British BSA/RSA L1A1 (FAL), Used, 7.62 x 51, 21.7” Barrel, not sure if this was ever re-coverted back to F/A. It is registered as a select fire MG. The story on this was that the guns were imported and then the sears were removed when some LE agency got them. They sold them off but unknown if they ever put the F/A parts back in. I never shot it so I have no idea if it goes into F/A or if the sears need to be re-installed. No magazine (but I think they are inch pattern). Reduced to $1350. *SOLD* 2. Indian (Ishapore) L1A1 (FAL), Used, 7.62 x 51, 21.7” Barrel, same story - same LE agency had it and sold them off. No magazine (inch pattern). I never shot it. Reduced to $1350. *SOLD* 3. Ruger AC556 - Used, 5.56mm, Wood Stock, Blued, Safe/Semi/3-RB/Full selector. 16” barrel. Photos on bottom post. Comes with a 20-round magazine. I have shot this with no issues. Reduced to $1000 or make offer. Want to move it! 4. CZ Bren 805 A1 - NIB, 5.56mm, 14” Barrel, Safe/Semi/2-RB/Full selector, uses AR15 magazines. Already imported so you aren’t waiting a year for importation then starting your Form 3. *SOLD* All of these are factory weapons - none are conversions. Prices are next to respective weapons. Please add $50 shipping UPS Ground/FedEx Ground to lower 48. AK/HI etc may cost more, so please contact me for a shipping quote beforehand. Note these are post-86 Dealer Samples so you will need to obtain a PD Demo Letter, as well as have a valid SOT (unless being sold as parts kits only). Please note all firearms must transfer out or be parted and shipped - I don’t want to hold them in my inventory until you find a buyer. 100% payment up front to start the ATF forms or to start disassembly. I will submit the ATF e-File upon receipt of FFL, SOT, Demo Letter, and funds. Not looking for trades. I would prefer certified funds as credit cards will incur +3.5% (V/MC/Discover). I do not accept checks. NO EXPORT SALES! Any questions please email. I maintain odd hours so calling me will most likely result in you talking to my voice mail Steve Ou Spreadfire Arms Austin, TX FFL/SOT 03 email:
  6. Transferable Early Ruger AC556 with wood stock, 2 Factory Ruger Magazines and one Lula strip loader. Factory Ruger AC556 parts kit, wood stock, GB barrel and 20 round Factory magazine. Currently on a Form 3, we use EFile in the BATFE EForms database. Will transfer directly on a Form 4 to NV residents or entities. Please, PM for more photos, more information or contact information. Available for inspection if you are or live in the Reno area... $9,500 Shipped Member of the Boards since 2003... David
  7. RARE RARE RARE opportunity!! You can find blue AC556s all day long, but stainless? Good luck! This thing is gorgeous to look at, and it's pretty much IMMACULATE! You'll see a little of the black coming off of the rear sight but that's it. Just look at the photos! It is a FACTORY KAC556F machine gun with a folding stainless steel stock and stainless barrel. No issues whatsoever. It runs like a champ. Transferable on a FORM 4. Rifle stand not included. I really don't want to part with this one, I think it is a truly beautiful gun.. But I am entering the final stages of purchasing a new house and I need to make that go as smoothly as possible for my family. Asking $16800 OBO, plus the ACTUAL cost of shipping. Shipping will be through UPS. We require the purchase of INSURANCE and an ADULT SIGNATURE upon delivery. It will be professionally and discreetly packed. BUYER PAYS STAMPS. I accept payment via cashier’s check, money order, or wire transfer. I will begin NFA paperwork once full payment has been received and keep you posted on the process until it reaches your Class 3 dealer. Local pickup (free) required for FL buyers - MUST have a trust set up. I have plenty more NFA items that I will be listing, so please keep an eye out! You can contact me on here with any questions, via my personal email (, or you can call my cell at (239) 825-53four8 - please leave a voicemail if I don't answer and I will call you back ASAP. If you have any concerns, references are available upon request. I am very reputable in both the firearms and NFA worlds. I am an FFL holder and I own a business based out of Naples, FL. We operate out of an 8,000 square foot building and specialize in buying and selling guns along with ammo and other accessories. We often sell at gun shows in the Fort Myers, Tampa, and Miami areas. This has been my profession for many years. If there is anything that you are looking for, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! For the quickest response, you can reach my assistant by phone Monday through Friday between 8am and 4:30pm EST at (239) 434-0841.
  8. Ruger AC556. Stainless. Folding Stock

    Beautiful STAINLESS FOLDING RUGER AC556. On ATF Form 3 in stock. $13,000 Comes with Ruger magazine. It is unusual to find a folding stainless RUGER AC556. There are blued folders but I could not find stainless. No mods. Factory original. Excellent condition. The wood is excellent also. Additional available pictures on request. Call me daily 8 AM to 8 PM EST (207) 476-0000 or email Please email directly rather than doing a reply. I don't really check the board and could miss your note. I check my email frequently, however. Thanks.
  9. Selling an excellent condition kit. $1100 obo shipped
  10. Have a like new in box Ruger AC556K 13" barrel folder for sale. Looks new. The gun was sent to Ruger several years ago for a full check out and refinish with a new wood stock installed. The gun has been in storage since received form Ruger. Will transfer to a PA resident directly or shipping to your dealer is included . Comes with 1 Ruger 20 round mag.
  11. Have a beautiful wood stocked AC556 96% blue that shows little use, wood is perfect. On form 3 in PA , will transfer to PA resident on form 4. comes with sling and 1 ruger 20 round mag
  12. First time posting a WTB here. I've been looking for a basic Ruger AC556 191-192 series in the full rifle stock for my first Class III purchase. Ideally looking for a local transfer, but understand the logistics of finding one close might be remote as I have been looking for at least 6+ months now. Please let me know if you have one, the condition and price. Also, please be prepared to provide several photos and close-ups including any identifying information so I and my FFL can get a good sense of what the firearm looks like. Message me for contact details. I have my Mass Resident License to Possess a Machine Gun and Class III FFL lined up to hep facilitate the transfer as well. Thanks - dogdoctor (and yes, I am a veterinarian)
  13. Close

    Looking for AC556 Parts Kit, preferably blue side folding, but let me know what you have. Thanks, Jeff
  14. Found One

    Looking for AC556 Parts Kit, preferably blue side folding, but let me know what you have. Thanks, Jeff
  15. I have a like new Ruger AC-556K blued factory shorty folder available to transfer immediately on a Form 3. It appears like new/as new but I cannot say it is un-fired because I do not know for sure. It comes with one 30rd Ruger magazine in the original white cardboard mailing sleeve, 1983 Ruger LE sales brochure, and price list. The price is $9500, no 50/50, no picture collectors. I have Ruger AC-556 trigger groups, bolts, op-rods, selectors, barrels, sights, gas plugs, Ruger 20rd and 30rd magazines, Ciener .22lr kit, Ciener 30rd magazines... available to the buyer. Anything the buyer does not choose to buy will be posted separately later.