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  1. Have an unfired Shadow Systems DR920 Elite. Threaded barrel Optic Cut TiCN Coated Barrel Front Night Sight Comes with all paperwork, mags, lock, ect. NEW IN BAG, BAG IN BOX $975 $935.00 Buyer pays shipping. Gun is way cheaper than anywhere on GB or anywhere else. Find one NIB just like this cheaper and I'll match the price. Gun is listed on GB as well, Have a MR920L ELT 9MM that I will sell also. FFL Dealer / SOT L3 Enterprise
  2. Wanted: Up to 4 S&W 76 mags and up to 3 Reising H&R 20-round mags. Prefer sale through a broker or 'smith or a military vehicle guy I trust or through a third party gunsmith here in Albuquerque with a huge presence to protect us both...(or if your a gunshop I can verify); already bought one 'fairy tail' this year and can't afford to buy many more 'deals' like that!!!!! Condition pics needed - can be by phone or email. MV guy in NM
  3. SOLD, HK, H&K, Heckler & Koch, SP5, NOS, New, Priced to Sell $3,350.00 OBO, (close to Asking). Out of My Vast HK Collection is a Brand New, Heckler & Koch SP5. The item was opened for picture taking purposes only. This Includes the Factory Box, HK Carry Bag, 2 Magazines, Instruction Manual, Sling & Lock Features: tri-lug threaded barrel, paddle magazine release, and fluted chamber. This is the civilian semi-auto version of the full auto MP5. Will ALSO Consider partial Trade for HK 93, or PISTOLS: P7, P7M10, Listed Trades Only, WITH CASH ON My Side/Your Side..., Private Party Will Ship to your FFL, 50.00 Maximum Via UPS 2ND Day, or Next Day And Or Insurance, Shipping Cost Rounded to the nearest Dollar, No California, Washington State or Hawaii, More Pictures upon request
  4. Up for sale is “10” Micro Uzi Open Bolt Recoil rod assemblies with the Red buffer. These are for open bolt assemblies. Not closed bolt. $300 shipped. Will not split! Thank you
  5. WTS. 9mm,12ga and 38special

    Up for sale is 200rds of Speer lawman 9mm 124gn and 40 Rds of Aguila mini shot shells and 50 rds of 38 special Buffalo bore Wadcutters( I believe) $130 for all shipped. Will not split. Thank you.
  6. WTT. M11/9 (Delete)

  7. Up for sale is a custom stock for a M11/9 or M11a1. It’s made from a BNIB Kriss folding and 3-position stock adapter Professionally adapted to a M11 stock bracket. Awesome stock. It’s an all new build. Two were built. Professionally Cerakoted Black as well. Components are made of Steel, Aluminum and Plastic. Stock adapter, folding hinge and hardware is made of 7076. The stock is plastic with steel in it that locks the 3 positions. Price is $200 firm shipped!! Stock installed on gun for visual. M11/9 not for sale. Thank you.
  8. delete!!
  9. I am not a Class 3 dealer, so this gets to be sold locally from my Texas Form 4 to your Texas Form 4. (Which should cut down on the ATF transfer waiting time.) If you are a dealer or an out of state individual, you are welcome to buy this as well. Buyer pays all taxes. Also, if you live around the Houston Brenham areas, you can check it out in person and there will be no shipping charges!! When you fill out the ATF transfer forms, you will have to pay them 400 in transfer taxes for the MAC and Suppressor. First time NFA buyer?? I will help you out with the paperwork!! 9mm RPB MAC-10 & AWC Suppressor - $10,000 The MAC and Suppressor have been completely restored and refurbished!! I have test fired 200 rounds thru this and there were absolutely ZERO problems. This gun ran 100% flawless using ball ammo!! The MAC comes with only one Walther mag. But you can buy more for extra. There are 5 Powder Springs Walther Mags in the factory box that are available for 200 each. 1000 Rounds of Premium Subsonic Ammo for 400. Profile Message me for pics and info.
  10. SWD M11a1 large grip comes as it did new in the box. I wanted to set this up in 9mm and keep it as small as possible.I love Lage uppers but they are very large. You can run it in stock config in .380 and it runs like a champ. Then with the CWD Tungsten bolt (Slow fire 9mm) and 9mm baby Ghost upper its runs 9mm at around 800RPM. The baby Ghost is side cocking with pic rails for optics and lights. Great forward grip. The mini uzi stock ties it all together and folded it not much bigger than a Glock. This is the whole setup with everything seen in the image below. Stock m11at barrel in box, stubby threaded 380 installed in stock upper.Mags, CWF Tungsten bolt, Baby Ghost upper with threaded 9mm barrel, stock upper, stock bolt, mini uzi stock, lage fixed stock, lage grip, spare parts, , buffers, Thompsen machine 9mm suppressor and more. Sitting on Form 3 e-file ready to go. $12,300 Shipped Feel free to text me Alex (541)944-4774 Have a great one...
  11. (3) 16 round boxes of original WW2 German 9mm ammo with 1944 dated headstamps. $75 for all three boxes including shipping. Several available.
  12. Up for sale is a large Micro Uzi parts lot.
  13. Up for sale are all New Old Stock IMI, Mini Uzi Ejector and Rivet. Plus a FA Mini Uzi 9mm Extractor and Pin. $100 shipped for all. Thank you
  14. I have a like new excellent condition Sig P229R with Limited run factory wood grips 2 13 rd mags Please look at photos as the photos are part of the description and ask questions! $1,200.00 Shipped & Insured $45 Steven
  15. WTB. UZI FA Extractor 9mm

    Looking for a few FA Uzi SMG 9mm extractors! Thank you in advance. Looking fo the middle one like in pic.
  16. Up for sale is a perfect condition semi auto 9mm Closed Bolt micro/mini bolt assembly. Has the relief cut on top for the Micro/Uzi pistol. Can be used in a FA gun as well but will need some minor mods! $500 shipped.
  17. 9mm

    1780 rounds of 9mm ammo. $450. That's about 25 cents each. Mostly Israeli surplus with hard primers. Pretty hot. It's really only suitable for open bolt subguns. Primers are really hard. Mostly TZ headstamp from the 70s. Maybe a little other stuff mixed in. I don't know if it's corrosive or not so treat accordingly. Pick up Louisville, KY. No shipping.
  18. This is a pair of Transferable M11 9mm's, with sequential serial numbers. NIB, with pictured barrel extensions. These are on a form 3. $18000+ $250 next day insured shipping. 1/2 down to start the transfer, 1/2 before shipping. If Ruben will vouch for you, I'll ship COD.
  19. This is a pair of Transferable M11 9mm's, with sequential serial numbers. NIB, with pictured barrel extensions. These are on a form 3. $18000+ $250 next day insured shipping. 1/2 down to start the transfer, 1/2 before shipping. If Ruben will vouch for you, I'll ship COD.
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    Please delete thread
  21. Up for sale is a Gem mint Pre-May Mp5. Very low round count. Formed as a Mp5a3. Comes with an A3 ,A2 stock and two original mags. 20K, Delivered and Insured!!!!
  22. NIB, HECKLER & KOCH, SP89, 9mm. Ultra rare Museum quality weapon, with 15 rd. magazine plus two (2) extra in excellent condition 30 rd. magazines, with H&K booket. $6,800. I will consider offers. PM me with your reasonable offer. Shipping and fully insured: $50.00. Thank you for looking. Alan dba POLLC
  23. Up for Sale are NOS MAC 10/ 9mm magazines 32 rounders.These are DOUBLE FEED/DOUBLE STACK.Made on RPB tooling with the Walther stamping design & look, then parkerized. I have 5 total but will sell individually or all at once. will ship for a flat fee of $15.00 within Georgia. PM me with any questions, USPS MO or check. Other arrangements can be made also. $80.00 each Thanks for looking.
  24. WTB. FA Mini Uzi Bolt

    Looking to buy a FA Mini Uzi bolt
  25. WTB/WTT Pre-May MP5

    I know this doesn’t belong here. But things get more traffic here. My partner is looking for a Pre May Mp5( please don’t send links to Gunbroker).Please PM me what you have. Thank you in advance. God Bless our Country.