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  1. G3 RECEIVER FLAT, NEW PRODUCTION $69.95 CETME C RECEIVER FLAT $69.95 (Finally a flat build just for the CETME C with a flat sided mag well) We believe this is the best quality, easiest to fold HK91-G3 receiver flat ever. Reviews will be available soon on the Parabellum Combat Systems forum at HKPro. Jeff has been folding HK91 and CETME flats for us during development. Made on HK tooling using steel that is correct spec and thickness. Correct dimensions with flat rails and perfect pin holes. Deep embossing with scope tabs that are more to spec than any other G3 flat ever made in America. Many years ago ORF imported HK G3 stamping dies. These dies were used by ORF and Gewehr Werks to make flats and receivers. Sadly neither company had access to a master tool and die maker. The dies were never properly set up and thus stamped less than spectacular flats. Those dies are now in the hands of a master die maker and the results are an amazingly stamped receiver flat. ================================================= HK flat bending jig and barrel pin jig combo. Our popular HK build tools together at a discounted price. HKK-9913 HK FLAT BENDING JIG and HKK-9914 HK BARREL PIN JIG. American made using the best quality aluminum and steel components. These are the absolute best quality HK jigs available. Combo pricing is for a limited time while supplies last. HK FLAT BENDING JIG AND BARREL PIN JIG COMBO $324.95 Also available separately: HK BARREL PIN JIG FOR ALL HK9X WEAPONS $89.95 HK FLAT BENDING JIG $279.95 Thanks for looking Robert @ RTG Parts 307-675-1191