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  1. 50 BMG BlackTip Belted Ammo in Ammo Cans

    50 BMG BlackTip Belted Ammo in Ammo Cans I sold my M2HBs and I have 1700 rds of BLACK TIP (penetrator) in 50 cal ammo cans. Pictures not taken, but you know what it is. $250.00 per can of 100 rd belted black tip 50 BMG ammo. I can ship large quantity of this (actually I already have shipped). And, BTW, I have a NAVY DECK MOUNT and M63 Ground Mount AA & Personell/ be listed on Sturm with pictures. Ivan Shapiro - Northern Maine Tactical Supply I’m Listed on SUBGUNS RECOMMENDED DEALERS LIST for 17 years Call me (207) 476-0000 daily 9AM-7PM Eastern or email
  2. WTS: Barrett QDL $2050

    New in box Barrett QDL .50 BMG Suppressor on Form 3.
  3. Factory New Barrett M107A1’s for $9,800 shipped to your FFL. Available in Black or Gray. CC add 3%. Texas residents add 8.25%.
  4. DH Machine Guns is now an affiliate of Thodio wireless speakers. The worlds coolest Bluetooth speaker. This is not just a surplus 50 cal can with some speakers in it. It’s a 200 watt amplifier. They are built with the best components money can buy. They have Kevlar speakers, and an optional 72hour battery life. Optional built in WiFi, Bluetooth, aux input, usb charger, and can be used as a guitar amplifier. These things will crank! They have the best sound quality available.
  5. WTS 50 BMG Raufoss rounds

    You know these are rare and hard to get when there has only been one other ad in a year on Sturm! I have 24 left. $65.00 plus shipping per round or, I will discount to buy all 24. The cheapest on the internet if you can find them. 21-HXP headstamp, 2-FNB, 1-WCC. Good clean ammo from an old stockpile. Call 859-361-9444 or email
  6. Have you ever dreamt about what it must me like for the 50 BMG snipers to take out a target 1000 meters away with a suppressed 50cal MILITARY Barrett M107A1 rifle? You know, the one will ALL the bells and whistles. Turns out, Barrett had an order of these rifles fall through to an allied nation. Only a few of these ever make it to the civilian market and that have ALL the bells and whistles. This rifle is painted in Low IR Absorbent FDE Cerakote Paint, including the barrel, monopod, bipod and rear handguard. The pistol grip is also FDE This Barrett M107-A1 50BMG Rifle Military Operators Kit / Deployment package includes: A Barrett 50cal Suppressor, 4-10 round magazines, tool kit, Blue Force Gear Sling and a cleaning kit, all are in separate deployment bags. All this in a 2 layered Pelican case. Feel free to give us a call for more information or If you want to purchase this firearm without the suppressor, please call us at Rat Worx (815) 734-7346
  7. Right now is the time to buy the rifle of your dreams. We have the lowest prices on Barrett M82A1 50 Caliber BMG semi-auto rifles in Black and FDE finishes. Give us a call at Rat Worx 815-734-7346. Start this year off right, by doing something that will make you happy this year and many years to come. Visit us at
  8. WTT Links for brass

    I have a supply of 5.56 links (est 5000pcs), some 50 BMG (est 100 pcs)and some 7.62 links (est 1000 pcs)as well. Looking to trade for 9mm brass. I am looking for 9mm brass and as much as I can get. This could be an ongoing thing if it works out. Condition of links is VG + with dust on them and all have been sorted and hi-graded by hand to remove any rusty or damaged links. Not sure if this is the right place for this, but it is hand loading/ammo related I thought, so I posted here. If you are interested, please contact me at
  9. New never fired! Semi auto Barrett M107A1 in multi roll brown cerakote includes IM3300 Pelican hard case, 2 mags, bore cleaning solution and 80 rounds of new manufactured ammunition. This was a custom order for a customer direct from Barrett. Our Customer became very ill and due to health problems could no longer pay for it. We are selling below wholesale cost to help him out. Very heavy item! Please provide zip code ahead of time, so that we may give you approximate shipping price. Must be shipped to an FFL in your area. $9000 + Shipping. We accept Cashier's check, money orders and certified bank checks. We are an FFL dealer located In North Port, FL. Please call if you have any questions. Kelly Paradise Jewelry Gun & Pawn 941-423-3711
  10. WTB: M2HB Side Plate

    Looking for a registered M2HB 50 BMG side plate for a future build. Familiar with NFA process. Funds available. Thanks
  11. I have an excellent, as new TNW built M2 50 caliber semi. Gun was built on a hand select kit with many FN parts. Owners manual, head space gauge, 2 USGI barrels, vehicle cradle with ammo can holder, and a rare Ryland Fleet Acme Gadget Hand crank unit, also includes 500 links.I will not separate the package. $14,000 OBO
  12. I have a nice used Barrett M107 50 with Nightforce 5.5-22x56. Comes as it does from the factory with Pelican case, two magazines, carry handle, monopod. Nice gun and well worth the money. I will ship it to the 48 for $11,500. I will ship the gun itself less the scope and rings for $9500. Contact me at or 859-361-9444. Thanks for looking, Rex Tyson Kentucky Firearms