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  1. For sale LMT 40mm under the barrel Grenade Launcher very light use included with Launcher is the, manual, 44 live shells (no projectile) and Insight Day/Night Sight for the M203 . Everything is in great shape and works, this piece is on a form 4 in eaklefirearms name so transfer should be somewhat quick I will pay first transfer to your dealer , payment can be by check, postal mo 1850.00 Shipping to lower 48 states $35.00 You can message me at 410-660-5055 email Thanks Buddy that was easy. Pictures can be seen at eaklefirearms@com LMT page or can send you pictures as needed.
  2. I am listing my m16 lot with 2 silencers, 3 spare uppers, and a m203 launcher! Photos: Included is: 1. Factory Colt m16, this upper has less than 200 rounds down it 2.. Colt Heavy barrel m4 upper w/ Colt M203 40mm launcher (Colt 727 upper, flat top swapped in) KAC Rails, Matech rear sight, Flip m203 sight (NOTE: I changed it to a flat top but the rest is all colt, I may still have the factory stripped upper if I do I will include it with the lot.) 3. Complete Colt m16a1 spare NOS upper, New and unfired. 4. Complete Colt M16a1 Dissipater upper (cut down USGI barrel) The forward assist was removed for use with the silencer to help with gas blowback. 5. Silencerco Saker FA rated 5.56 silencer (comes with direct thread mount and QD mount with 1 muzzle brake). 6. Silencerco Sparrow .22 Silencer. 7. CMMG .22 LR conversion kit, I no longer have the FA conversion parts but they are easy to find online. 8. USGI surplus Sopmod butstock. Aftermarket tube spring and buffer included. 9. Carry handle mounted m203 sight (was used on the 727 upper when it had a carry handle upper) This is a 4 stamp package located in VA on a F4. Buyer pays actual shipping and transfer cost.
  3. H&K GMG 40mm

    For sale is an H&K GMG 40mm Grenade Launcher, one of the most technologically advanced grenade machine guns in the world. This has NEVER been fired and is the only one in the United States that is owned privately. Serious inquiries only. SOT & law letter required. As seen in pictures, the condition is great and it has been stored in a controlled environment. Comes with 1200 rounds of training ammo (does not require individual tax stamps) Price is $185,000.
  4. Looking to sell a Penn Arms PGL65 40mm Multi shot launcher. It has the combo rail and a fixed stock. It is a DD and will transfer as such. It is in great condition it is out of a police department. These are VERY hard to find on the civilian market. Asking $3k OBO + shipping
  5. Have approximately 1200 recovered 40mm grenade projectiles. These are the training rounds with the blue nose cap. Various conditions, all can be used for a 40mm bofors, or something else as a projectile. 1.00 each or buy them all for 800.00 Thanks Jason
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    no longer available.