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  1. WTS: Pre Ban USGI AR15 Magazines - 20 & 30 Round I have two separate lots of pre ban AR15 magazines available for sale. Both consist of 5 mags, one of 20 rounders and one of 30 rounders. All mags are in very nice condition with only light signs of wear. Details are below. Price: As noted Payment: Paypal plus the fee or Venmo Shipping: Actual Cost Contact: PM or email at (remove NOSPAM) Lot 1: 5 20 round AR15 magazines This lot consists of 5 early 20 round AR15 magazines with aluminum followers. The manufacturers include 4 Universal mags with a single Adventure Line rounding out the lot. 3 of the Universals have some light spray paint on the base plate but that can easily be removed if so desired. None of the mags look to have been used much judging by their lack of wear. Price: $150 OBO for all 5 Lot 2: 5 30 Round AR15 Magazines Lot 2 is made up of 5 30 round mags consisting of 2 Adventure Line, 1 Parsons, and 2 Center Industries. All mags are in great condition with only light wear. These are perfect for use and would be ideal to build up its new springs / followers. Price: $150 OBO for all 5 Cross posted
  2. WTS: USGI Pre Ban 30 Round AR15 Mags - New and NIW - (Cooper, Sanchez, Adventure Line, Okay) I have several excellent condition pre ban AR15 magazines available for sale. The mags show light finish wear from storage but are all like new. All have black followers with the exception of the Sanchez mag which has a green follower. None bear external dates. These are available in 3 lots as detailed below. Payment: Paypal plus the fee or Venmo only Shipping: Actual Cost Contact: PM or email at (remove NOSPAM) Price: Lot 1: $175.00 Lot 2: $130.00 Lot 3: $65.00 ALL SPF Lot 1: 6 Excellent Okay Industries Mags - New old stock with light storage wear. These are the mags in the top row of the photos. $175.00 Lot 2: 5 Mags (2 Adventure Line, 1 Sanchez, 1 Cooper, and 1 un-marked). These show very light wear but are in excellent condition. They are the 4 mags in the bottom row plus the mag on the left. $130.00 Lot 3: 2 NIW Center Industries, October 1991 dated - These are brand new in the wrap mags. The wrappers show wear from storage but the mags are new. $65.00 Cross posted
  3. WTS: 26 Black Follower USGI AR15 30 Round Magazines - $260 I have 26 black follower 30 round AR15 magazines available for sale. These are all in used condition and will have finish wear and other typical signs of use. The manufacturers include Okay Industries, Center Industries, FN, and others. -Price: $260.00 for the lot -Shipping: Actual price -Payment: Paypal plus the fee -Contact: PM or email at (remove “NOSPAM”)
  4. 30 Round Magazine - MP5, MP5K - KCI The latest Gen ATI, Korean style mags are only available from HKPARTS.last import into the US the improved magazine has been re-designed & improved for better fitment and performance than older generation ATI MP5 magazines. This is the finest MP5 ATI/Korean magazine available! Only a limited number available as they are no longer made or offered. ORDER IN QUANTITY & SAVE $$$$...WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!Each 9mm MP5/94 magazine features the following: Latest manufacture 5th generation 30 round capacity 9mm caliber marked (9mm x 19) Curved for more reliable feeding with steel chrome follower All steel construction Enhanced 5th Generation smooth finish (no gritty finishes) Made in S. Korea by KCI Great for plinking & range sessions Affordable as they are the cheapest MP5 magazine available Only available here at HKPARTS! Fits the following HK MP5 Style Firearms: HK MP5, 94, MP5 SD HK MP5K, SP89, SP5K Zenith, POF & Omega In Spec 94, MP5 & MP5K, SP89 Style Clones -----------------Price: $29.95----------------- Click here to view all of our HK parts
  5. I have a limited number of steel 30 round Eastern European AK47 magazines available for sale. These mags are used and will exhibit some finish wear, finished over pits, or other minor cosmetic detractions. They are oily / greasy and should be cleaned prior to use. Some are in great condition while others may require work. Contact me with any questions. Shipping will be at actual cost. **Price: $7.00 each (minimum order of 10)** -Payment: Paypal (standard plus the fee) or USPS money order -Contact: IM or email me at (remove NOSPAM) Photos are representative of the lot I also have a small number of surplus condition Yugoslavian bolt hold open 30 round magazines available for sale. These mags are all old stock and vary in condition. Most are in very good shape and will feature light finish wear from use, heavy packing grease, some marks from bulk storage, and strong springs. Please reference the photos below for the general overall condition of the mags. -Price: $10.00 each plus shipping Photos below are representative of the lot
  6. I have a pile of Eastern European surplus AK47 magazines available for sale. These are all 30 round steel variants originating from Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia, and probably a bunch of others (no hand pick for counties). The mags all have some type of wear which may include finish wear, arsenal refinish, finished over pits, scratches, superficial dents, or other minor cosmetic blemishes (the followers all freely move). These may require some degreasing due to sitting in storage for a number of years. Several also have some unique stamps including serial numbers, lined out codes, painted numbers, or other interesting features. Price - $12.00 plus shipping - (100 available) Payment: Paypal gift, standard paypal plus 3.5%, or USPS money order Contact: IM or email me at (just remove the “NOSPAM”. Please include your screen name with the email)
  7. I accept payment via standard paypal plus 3.5%, paypal gift, or USPS money order. **I can ship all mags as kits, contact me for further details*****There is a minimum order of 2 magazines for all AR mags unless otherwise noted***I have a number of NIW, 30 round, AR15 magazines available for sale. These mags feature the new tan type anti tilt followers which offer increased feeding reliability. All mags are sealed in their original factory wrappers with little to no storage wear. These mags are manufactured by Center Industries and Brownells and look great. I have been running magazines from a similar lot on the range for the past year and have not had a single mag related failure of any kind.The minimum order on these is 2 mags. I accept payment via paypal plus 3.5% or USPS money order. Shipping will be at actual cost. Contact me via email with questions or orders. Contact: IM or email me at (just remove the “NOSPAM”. Please include your screen name with the email)Pricing:-NIW Tan Follower - $10.00 each, minimum order of 2 - ALL SPF Brownells GI Contract: **100 count cases available** Center Industries: - ALL SPF -I also have a number of used USGI mags available for those who are interested. They are a mix of manufacturers and feature both green and tan type followers. They will show wear / tape / tape residue but will be fully functional. - Green follower magazines - $6.00 each - 37 available - ALL SPF - Tan follower magazines - $8.00 each - 55 available -Colt Magazines (green follower) - $9.00 each - 19 available (16 all Colt, 3 with Colt bodies and misc. base plate) - ALL SPF -Pre Ban - Green and black follower - $20.00 each - 9 available - ALL SPF
  8. I am looking to buy some usgi quality mags. Please let me know what you have and pricing. thanks Greg