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  1. Sold Pending Funds - Will mark "SOLD" when payment is received. As pictured, lot of Thompson mags coming out of estate. All seem like very nice solid, usable mags...not picked through or any non-sense, this is the whole lot and represents all the mags that were present. All were stored in a single bin and the owner simply pulled some out when he would go shoot, so I make some assumption that one is equal to the next. There are eighteen 30-round and ten 20-round. $750 for the lot. No sales where restricted. Direct email only, please: titantriggersSPAMFILTER @ Remove SPAMFILTER from email.
  2. For sale: Original Colt made Thompson submachine gun serial number 1118. Made in 1921/2 and originally sold to Tennessee Consolidated Coal of Tracy City TN. Copy of the original registration paperwork is available to be the buyer. This Thompson is 100% original Colt and one of five know to have been purchased by TCC. Four of the five, including this example, were retained in coal company ownership until 2016! Overall condition is +90% with light wear on receiver and some slight visible pitting. Wood is excellent and the gun retains it's non cutts compensator muzzle. These early production Thompsons do not come up for sale often. It took from 1921 until 1939 for Thompson to sell the orginal 15,000 guns they contracted Colt's to make for them. Once in a lifetime chance to purchase a original Colt TSMG with a documented history. Many additional pictures are available. Gun is on a Form 4 in Va. $41,500 price does not include transfer, shipping or insurance. Payment terms are five payments. First payment starts paperwork, then one payment every 6 weeks until fully paid. Balance, if any due upon transfer. Price: $41,500 Curio/Relic: Yes Handgun Caliber: .45 ACP (.45 Auto) Manufacturer: Colt's Model: 1921 Serial Number: 1118 Barrel Length: 10.5 Bore Info: excellent Condition: Excellent Metal Condition: good Wood Condition: good Bore Condition: Excellent Action: auto Triggers: single Manufacture Date: 1921/2
  3. Colt 1921 Thompson with four drums and case Asking $41,995 This is a Colt 1921 also known as model 21-A in excellent condition. Serial number 1659. Fully transferable. Comes with: Thompson hard case, five box stick mags and four drums. Upper and lower have matching serial numbers. The barrel to receiver indexing marks are perfectly lined up (see pic) and there is a small anchor stamped on the front are of the stock. (see pic) Buyer pay $225 Fedex priorty shipping and insurance. Feel free to ask us to take any close-up pics you specifically want. Box magazines: Four 30 round Seymour box mags. One 20 round that appears to be an original Colt/Thompson magazine. Drum magazines: #1 L-drum - Auto Ordnance- Bridgeport, Connecticut. Circa 1940s. This 50 round drum appears to be the fourth series of L drums made by United Specialty of Chicago. It is the first drum design to feature the Thompson Bullet logo. It is also identifiable by other original Thompson markings. #2 L-Drum – Auto Ordnance – New York. This may be the original drum for the Colt 1921. Colt era. #3 L-Drum – The Crosby Company – Buffalo, New York. Crosby starting producing the Thompson L-Drums in 1940 for the British government under a Lend-Lease program. #4 C-Drum - 100 round drum marked Auto Ordnance, New York, USA. The serial number of this drum is #0171. Stock # N-1289 Firearm(s) in this ad are possessed by, titled to, and will be shipped by John Norrell Inc. These are not being brokered and are not third-party sales. Firearm in this ad will be transferred to a class III dealer on an ATF E-form 3. John Norrell has been a licensed manufacturer and dealer (C-2/C-3) for 35 years and is currently an officer of the U.S. Federal Court appointed in the role as a Special Master administrator to liquidate NFA firearms released directly to us by ATF under court order. All NFA rules apply. Acceptable payment will be in the form of either a cashier's check or a money payable to JOHN NORRELL, INC.This item is listed by, and the website and postings are monitored by E. A. Shelnutt of John Norrell, Inc. When a party offers the full advertised amount, they are automatically the official buyer and any ongoing negotiations or conversations with other parties are no longer relevant.
  4. For sale: Colt 1921 Thompson sub machine gun serial #1118. 100% Colt Thompson bought new in 1921 by Tennessee Consolidated Coal Company, Tracy City, TN. This Thompson was owned by the coal company and it successors until 2014. I have a copy of the original 1935 registration paperwork. Once in a life time opportunity to own an iconic piece of American history. Overall excellent condition with some light fleckling on the left side of the receiver. As I said this is all Colt TSMG. Many more pictures available. F4 in Va. asking price of $42,500 to shipping or pick up. Can deliver to Knob Creek at every shoot. Also plan on attending the Chantilly Gun show scheduled for June. I'm interested in any of the following for partial trade in no particular order: Transferable preferably C&R: 1918 BAR original configuration ZB26/30 M1A1 Thompson matching Galil/Valmet in .223/7.62x39 HK33 Title 1 M110 SASS Luftwaffe Drilling must be exc+ in the original box Russian Dragonov HK MR556A1 adding MM23 Mauser "original" Oberdorf prewar sporters in original configuration Griffin & Howe sporters built on prewar Mauser sporter actions Please PM me with your email address for additional pictures. Ken
  5. This is a beautiful Colt Thompson SMG 1921AC that was shipped to the Saline County Sheriff’s Department in July of 1933. According to Gordon Herigstad’s book, this gun was in a fire at the Buffalo Rock Shooting Range in IL in 1988. The same book says it was restored by Darnall’s Gun Works of Bloomington, IL. There has been some discussion online about this gun, that, perhaps it was in the rear of the building that did not catch fire but that it received water damage. Regardless, whoever restored it did an excellent job. The numbers on the receiver and the lower match. The Cutts compensator has the shallow cuts and no markings, as it should. The barrel is factory Colt as is the actuator and most of the internal parts, including the bolt and the recoil spring assembly. The wood and wood hardware are not original Colt. It comes with (1) 50 round type L drum as well as (5) stick mags. One of the mags is a patent date mag proper for Colt. It also comes with a case as shown in the photos. Below is a link to apx. (58) hi-res photos and one video of me shooting it. It functions flawlessly. This machinegun is registered to me (Firearms 4 Less, LLC) on a form 4 in Arkansas. Upon receipt of payment, I will transfer it via electronic form 3 to your dealer in your state. $31500 + $200 shipping. Please email or call with any questions. Brennan Firearms 4 Less, LLC. Little Rock, AR | 501-680-4867
  6. New-in-box. Surfaces marks just oil print from bubble wrap. No sales where prohibited. Listing for a friend. $750
  7. Ad retracted.
  8. WTB first gen serial numbered Colt Thompson 50 round L drum email: Thanks
  9. Vintage drum. No sales where prohibited. When you email to inquire, include your zip code.
  10. 1921A WH Thompson - $18,800

    Selling my West Hurley Thompson. The only piece still on the gun made by West Hurley is the receiver. I have all PK, GI and custom made parts put into/on this gun including a repro 1921a finned barrel. I have enormous volume of accessories to along with a spare parts kit. Not limited to but including..... 8 - 30 rd stick mags 1 - 3 cell 30 rd mag pouch 5 - 20 rd stick mags 1 - 5 cell 20 rd mag pouch 2 - 50 rd L drums 1 - 50 rd L drum pouch 1 - PK 1921 converted knurled actuator, 1921 spring/buffer pilot 1 - complete spare Bridgeport lower and stock 2 - 1928 spare barrels 1 - extra pistol grip 2 - spare vertical foregrips 1 - custom vertical foregrip copied from 1921 colt pattern foregrip 1 - brass cleaning rod 2 - slings 1 - spare lyman rear sight 1 - spare L sight 1 - oiler 2 - spare brass blishlocks various books and manuals (pictured) 6 - 30 rd thompson magazine springs 2 - complete spare bolts 3 - spare firing pins outside of the complete spare bolts 1 - spare smooth actuator - pictured in the gun is a knurled savage 1928 actuator 1 - spare 1928 spring pilot 3 - polyurethane buffers various spare lower internal parts I would be happy to meet up with someone local to meet/test fire. I have many references available as i have bought/sold many machineguns. On form 4 in Florida. More pictures available upon request. $19,500 for the whole package or $18,800 for everything EXCEPT the spare lower Beau - 410-693-3036 or
  11. Two very nice Thompson British Lend Lease parts kits with barrels. The top one is a Thompson 1928A1/Sold the bottom one is a Thompson M1 (Still for Sale), barrel in very good condition. When the British got these guns they changed a few things they stippled the forearms and put the sling loops on the side of the forearm. They also moved the sling loop in the back to the top of the rear butt stock and filled in the bottom with a piece of wood. Some neat history on the Lend Lease guns hard to find in this condition. Can take more photos if someone needs them. $1900 each kit or $3400 for both. Everything that is pictured on small parts included. Shipping and insurance not included. Check or Money Order Only. I can provide references if needed. I can provide more pics if someone needs them
  12. This in an interesting gun in that it comes with the original 1934 registration form copy from the Roselle Police Dept., who we got it from so we are the second owner. They must have bought the gun from Auto Ordnance direct before the 1934 law that required registration. They followed the law and registered it, some agencies ignored the law and have the original guns as non-transferrable It’s got about 90% of the original finish but has a few issues. The front grip has a “PD repair” as an attempt to fix a crack, the original bolt head has damage and the original extractor had the tip broken off all included with the gun, probably possible to repair. A savage nickel bolt and extractor are installed on the gun for functionality. Bore is very good with some straw. I’m asking $36,000 for this gun because of the issues. Not interested in trades. Gun is fully transferable C&R and will make an excellent shooter. Gun comes with an original early Bridgeport 20 round mag and a NY Patented 50 round working drum.
  13. This gun was amnesty registered by a local PD, and kept in inventory until a few years back. It has all Colt 1921 internals, and is in beautiful condition except for an engraved inventory number on the left side and bottom of the receiver. I tried to take pictures highlighting any defects. The wear spots are not as glaring as in the pictures, but I wanted to provide a clear representation of the firearm. Included with the sale are the original case, a 50rd New York drum, and 4 "patent date" mags. $35K Price includes shipping, Gun is in stock and will transfer out on a F3. You can contact me at "spgtech at comcast dot net", or call at 206-three hundred-2180. Thanks for looking! -Sean SPG Technologies