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  1. Got a new host working for the registered lightning link. One of the m12 12ga ar shotguns over the last few months. Working about 95 percent in full auto on 8 birdshot. Near 100 pct with hot loads 3 dram plus. Requires a modification to the bolt carrier and lower like a ar15. You do need to swap out all the Chinese springs and hammer/ trigger pins. Once I have it finalized I'll post some pics and more info. I can tell you 12ga full auto is a blast but 75 rds will leave a mark on you. Mabye thats why even back in the day they weren't many full auto shotguns except for the AA. I think they purposely slowed the AA down to 360 rpm. This cycles about the same rate as ar10 full auto. The host only has 10 round mags which after 2 or 3 mags is a good thing for the shoulder. Nobody currently.makes any for it bigger than 10. However that being said anyone know somebody good at mabye modifying a saiga drum to fit. Mabye attaching one of the jts mags to it as a mag tower or something. Any ideas? I really need a drum maker now! I have talked with the mfg of the host and they would be interested as well in getting some drums for it. So it might be 500 to 1000 units. If you have any ideas let me know. Keep and eye out I will be releasing a few of the test pre examples with a postie link soon for dealers or mfg. Mfg would not need a letter and for dealer we would have some leeway in model for the link since we produce the postie link. Check out the link below to see in action. Yes that is cheap federal #7 target loads its running ON! NEED A DRUM MAKER OR SOMEONE WITH A GOOD 3D PRINTER! 12ga full auto with a lightning link Thanks John C 07 SOT columbus OH 510 406 4193