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  1. These MG08/15 Booster assemblies are brand new, copies of an original German booster assembly. The internal threads are SAE so these parts are not compatible with original units. If you are missing a booster, here is a great piece to complete you MG08/15. If you already have a booster, buy one of these to shoot with and don’t wear out your original! The assemblies sold in the white means they are in the bare unfinished original metal condition. They are completely machined, and deburred, but have NO protective finish. The blued assemblies are standard cold blued. The blued finish is what I consider “good enough”. Bluing itself is an art form, and we are by no means masters of that art. If you are expecting the blued finish to look like a 1970s S&W, you will be disappointed. But hey, I’m selling these new made boosters for HALF of what used reproduction boosters commonly sell for! The KG over Parkerizing will be the best finish in terms of durability and appearance. The Patina option is a aged/worn look, which will match well on most original MG08/15s.
  2. Looks like the one in this picture off the net.... Direct email only, please: Remove NOSPAM from email.
  3. Lot of MG08/15 parts. All are numbers-matching to each other. All are in great condition and have not been cleaned-up in any way. Price for the lot is $100OBO delivered to the Knob Creek MG Shoot in October.
  4. German Gurtfuller 16 belt loader for the Maxim.
  5. 1.) MG08/15 Buttstock, bare, obviously refinished $SOLD. 2.) MG08/15 Repro Sling, very nice and strong. You can show and carry the 08/15 with this sling. This is a handmade one-off by a fine leather craftsman. $SOLD 3.) MG08 or MG08/15 WWII-era Hanger. This is the short model that can be used for the drums or Turk feedblock extension. It's necessary for use on the Lafette as the standard hanger is too long. Purchased this from Dolf. $SOLD. 4.) MG08 or MG08/15 Lock, marked "DWM". Appears complete but really tight operation, probably could use a rebuild to clean the gunk out. $SOLD Direct email only, please: Remove NOSPAM from email. Thanks, Nick
  6. $110 shipped conus Direct Email ONLY: Remove NOSPAM from email.
  7. *SPF* WTS: Reproduction 08/15 Sling (New). They are made with the highest quality and attention to detail from the originals. This is the very last one I will ever have available, as the gentleman that made these is no longer physically able to due the work. I'm discounting it due to some defects in the leather that may not even be discernible to the average user, but I could not in good conscience sell it at full price with the rest. $100 shipped conus. Direct Email Only: Remove NOSPAM from email.
  8. WTS: 08/15 - $50 shipped conus; Lewis sold. Direct Email ONLY: Remove NOSPAM from email.