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  1. No longer for sale - WTS M60E4 – Metrotech w/SACO Trunion. Not a reweld. Completely upgraded by Desert Ordnance to the E4 configuration. On Form 4. $49,999.00 Excellent condition. I mean excellent. No more than 500 rounds flawless rounds through it since turned into an E4. Get it here before before another site and its bidding take over! I accept checks and money orders. Full payment starts the paperwork and I will cover the first transfer. Shipping and all other transfers are the responsibility of the buyer.
  2. For Sale: FN FNC machinegun asking $15,700. Registered sear machine gun on form 4 in MD. In good condition, runs well, 5.56/.223 uses AR15 mags. $15,700 includes shipping and tax stamp for first transfer. Wire Transfer, or certified check (will wait for funds to clear before submitting transfer). No Paypal Includes: - 4 position trigger w/ 3 round burst - original FNC para folding stock - custom folding ACR stock (adjustable length and cheek rest) - StormWerkz AR stock adapter type 2 - Silencerco Saker Trifecta Flash Hider - original FNC Flash Hider - B&T Picatinny scope mount rail - spare green mountain barrel (new, never installed) Everything pictured included with sale:
  3. Transferable Low mileage SAW M-16 10.5in Upper Complete on a Form 4 $23K plus $200 Tax to your dealer SOLD Mac 11-9mm with Lage Max 31 MK2 upper that accepts Suomi 9mm drum magazines on a Form 3 $11999 SOLD Post Samples - All require Law Letters IWI X95 TAVOR 9mm - $5500 Ruger AC556 - $4200 Kriss 9 SMG - $3900 Scar16 16inch - $4500 PKM Romanian $7800 Factory HK MP5 Navy Ambi Lower - $4800 SRM1216 Full Auto 12gauge Shotgun with multiple 16rd drums $3800 Pre Samples Uzi Full Size $8500 Auto Ordnance Thompson 1928A1 - $14K Short Barrel Rifles Daewoo DR-200 -$2500 YUGO M-92 KRINKOV UNDERFOLDER, UNISSUED PARTS KIT, TEST FIRED, 7.62X39 - $2500 Bulgarian AKS-74U Krinkov Side Folder 5.45x29 - $2500
  4. $14,000 Transferable MG - NEW/Unused condition Several in stock On Form 3 in Georgia U45/U9 Package This package is a subgunner's dream. All in one box you've got a complete package to shoot 45ACP with Grease Gun mags or 9mm with Suomi drums and one suppressor to work with both calibers. Switching calibers simply requires changing the bolt, barrel, and magazine housing. It features a simple, smooth-running blow-back system. With the addition of a hydraulic buffer, these are the most smooth, controllable, and versatile subguns on the transferable market. It's so smooth due to the weight, layout, and action; you can actually watch your target being hit through a 4x scope while shooting long bursts. This setup utilizes AR pattern stocks, AR pattern grips, and multiple picatinny mount options for maximum versatility. This gun is also ideal for use with a suppressor. The extra bolt weigh drastically slows the initial bolt blow-back thereby significantly reducing port noise common in open-bolt / blow-back SMGs. The package includes the following parts: • Stemple (STG) U45 Machine Gun with Heavy Bolt System: Variable weight bolt system with hydraulic buffer that allows shooters to customize performance with a variety of different ammo as well as the 45 to 9mm caliber conversion. • 2 x M3 Grease Gun Magazines • U9 Converison (bolt, barrel, magazine housing) • 2 x Suomi Drums • 1 x Suomi Magazine • Custom Hard Case • 45 ACP suppressor for use with both 45 ACP and 9mm setups • foregrip, bipod, multi-tool, & barrel locknut/muzzle cap tool (sights not included) U45 Data Select-Fire with Quick-Change Barrel Ultra-smooth adjustable-weight bolt system with hydraulic buffering for slow M3 Grease-Gun-like shooting performance Magazine: M3 Grease Gun (unmodified) 30 rds Nickel Boron Plated Bolt and Mag Housing Weight: 9.3 lbs Cycle Rate: 500-750 adjustable system with hydraulic buffer, Select Fire (safe-semi-full) Stainless Steel Barrel Barrel Length: 10.35" threaded .578-28, to use common suppressor U9 (SF) Conversion Data: Select-Fire with Quick-Change Barrel Ultra-smooth adjustable-weight bolt system with hydraulic buffering Magazine: Suomi KP31 25 rd, 36 rd, 50 rd magazines and 40 rd & 70 rd drums Nickel Boron Plated Bolt and Mag Housing Weight: 9.3 lbs Cycle Rate: 550-800 adjustable Stainless Steel Barrel Barrel Length: 10.35" threaded .578-28 to use common suppressor If you are going to buy a transferable machine gun for some serious shooting, you should consider the Stemple Takedown Guns for these reasons: 1) Best service and support in the industry. 2) Most reliable. 3) Most durable. 4) Most controllable. 5) Most versatile: We have alternate caliber and rate configurations. Picatinny rails on the top of the receiver and shroud provide a variety of accessory options. We also have several shroud and barrel options, grip options, and stock options. 6) No-compromise manufacturing: We always ask the question: "What is the best?" "What is the best material to use? What is the best process to make the part? What is the best metal finish?" etc. 7) Easy maintenance: Drop-on replacement parts in stock. 8) Less expensive than comparable machine guns. 9) Modern gun: No "old world craftsmanship" or hand-fitting. We adhere to strict quality control to ensure interchangeable parts. 10) Shoot cheap ammo: We typically just shoot steel-cased ammo. Our milled steel trunions easily deal with potential wear issues from any type of ammo. 11) Free factory training for our users. 12) Great investment: Just ask someone who bought a transferable machine gun 15 years ago how they feel about their purchase. Most of them will say they wish they bought more. Our supply of these great transferable machine guns is dwindling, prices will be increasing, and there will not be any more due to the 1986 ban. Don’t miss out!
  5. FS: Sterling MK5 SALE PENDING

    Sterling MK5 just received from KGB Armament. This Sterling MK5 was built on a virgin Wilson Tube (HF-XXX) It was then sent to Andy for his MK5 conversion. Test fired only. This firearm is available for inspection. Upgrades are (2) sight posts, custom red dot mount and Engraving on magwell. This is as perfect as it gets! Lots of pictures available. This is a 2 stamp gun on Form 4's in Michigan. 100% Funds to start paperwork. Trades: I am interested in a Transferable HK Trigger pack. DLO or LaFrance $25K + Shipping and Insurance SALE PENDING 12/12/2018 Matt(nospam) 2, Three, one - five, one , Zero - Seven,seven Seven, 6
  6. $32,500 Now $30,000 Fleming HK conversion sear, on a Form 4 in Kentucky. Both the sear and pack are in excellent condition. I disassembled the pack to confirm the sear's serial and check its physical condition. This sear has been owned by the same person since 2007. In that time, it was used to fire approximately 500 rounds, likely less. When last sold it came installed in an HK53; this time it's being sold either as: a) Pack and housing only OR b) Installed in a lightly used PTR9CT with an A2 stock (+$1500) Logistics: I pay the first tax stamp if you're out of state! Payment: Due with submission of the first Form 4. I do not accept credit cards. I do accept all other standard payment methods. Insured shipping covered by the seller. If you do choose to purchase the PTR9CT, that can be shipped as soon as payment clears as it's a non-NFA pistol. Stock obviously can't go with the pistol if the sear and gun go separately. I have not sold on this forum often, but have a well established buying and selling history elsewhere, including NFA items. My username on Gunbroker, FalFiles, AKfiles, and are all the same as my username here. No negative feedback for any of them. I run my transfers through a local SOT. He double checks the transfer papers and will handle shipping. He transferred this sear in and is familiar with both me and the sear if you'd like a reference of sorts to confirm that this is the real deal. $30,000
  7. WTS: German FG42 on F3. $235k

    Fully transferable German FG42 paratrooper rifle. All numbers matching, original scope(non-matching), and original bayonet. Gun is ready to transfer via E-file. Gun is on a form 3 and will transfer upon payment in full. Serious inquires for more detailed photos, we totally disassembled and photoed every piece and part of the gun. $235k Mfg is marked as 'Form 2 registration'
  8. WTS: SWD M11/nine - $7900

    SWD M11/Nine transferable machine gun with Sten-Mag Conversion on a Form-3. Detailed pictures available upon request. Price: $7900 Buyer pays $100 shipping.
  9. Sw76 transferable

    Full auto transferable sw76 in 9mm. 12,500$. Form 4 call/text 5753901903 for questions or pictures
  10. Stemple 76/45

    John R Stemple transferable machine gun. Chambered in 9mm with 7.62x25 barrel included. Comes with 1 mag and caliber conversion barrel. This is on a form 4 unfortunately. 10k I can email pics, this is a first post and can’t upload them. Thanks Call/text 5753901903 for questions or pictures
  11. This is a very nice condition Thompson Bridgeport model 1928AC .45 caliber submachinegun transferable. This will come with the FBI case, one Crosby 50 round drum and four 30 round magazines, of which one is a Seymour, one a Bridgeport and the other two standard US. This is a rare variation with numbers matching on the upper and lower receivers. Price: $28,950 Information on the 1928AC Bridgeport: An interesting variation of the Auto-Ordnance, Bridgeport produced M1928A1 Thompson that has been observed, are those Thompsons that have had the U.S. designation ground off and the A1 mark overstamped to read AC. Many of the guns documented had been refurbished, and fitted with the smooth barrels and the “L” style fixed rear sight. Many, but certainly not all, of these guns so altered were in the 150,000 to 152,000 serial number range. A letter X was added as a suffix on the serial numbers of many of these guns. A few other examples of these “1928AC” Thompsons documented were fitted with the finned barrel and Lyman adjustable rear sight. A small number of these Thompsons had their original military horizontal foregrip replaced with the early style vertical foregrip. It is believed that these were guns that had been purchased from the government by the Auto-Ordnance Corporation and refurbished in order to be sold to law enforcement agencies after they were surplused. The Numrich Arms Corporation also removed U.S. markings from 1928 and 1928A1 model Thompsons they sold in the 1950’s. Interestingly, some of the AO “1928AC” overstamped Thompsons did not have Army Inspector of Ordnance (AIO) acceptance stamps on them, but were stamped with the Ordnance “wheel” acceptance mark. While other examples of these guns had no government inspector or acceptance stamps at all, suggesting that they were never inspected or accepted by the U.S. Government. Perhaps these guns were contract overruns or assembled from parts that remained after the government contracts were filled. However, no documentation could be located that could prove or disprove this theory. A Treasury Department IRS Form dated June 30, 1944 reveals that two Auto-Ordnance manufacture U.S. 1928A1 Thompsons with an X suffix added to the serial numbers were sold to a Massachusetts police department that year. The U.S. was ground off and the letter C over stamped on the 1 on both of the guns. Please note that the war didn’t end until the 15th of August 1945. All of the 1928 “AC” guns documented were originally manufactured by the Auto-Ordnance Corporation’s Bridgeport factory, and in almost every case had an AO prefixed serial numbered frame, although most of the frame/receiver numbers were mis-matched. The serial numbers located on the frames of these weapons also had the letter X added to them. ALL NFA rules apply. This is on a Form 3 and will transfer via eForms, very fast. Free and insured shipping within the 48 states. Payment via certified funds
  12. Power Springs, Mac 10 for sale, on form 3 Cal 45ACP. With all accessories show: EXCEPT: No suppressor, and only 1 magazine $7000 shipped, if purchased by Dec 16 Price goes down $100 per week: Dec 23 $6900 Dec 30 $6800 Jan 6 2019 $6700 Jan 13 $6600 Jan 20 $6500 Jan 27 $6400 Feb 3 $6300 Feb 10 $6200 .
  13. A beauty of a machine gun. Kengs Polytech AK 84 S (5.56 x 45) Downfolder. This gun is fully transferable on Form 4. Conversion done by SWD. I am the original owner and a retired C-3 Dealer. I had this gun upgraded with a black potbelly forend that fits the downfolder. a custom grip was also added. The cover is a mismatch for a great fit. This gun shoots and feeds from current POL-1 Promags as well as slightly fitted Weiger steel mags. It has less than 200 rounds through it and is a solid, well fitted, gun. Kengs offers Polytech replacement parts which is a rarity. Shipping included in price. I forward file form copies and copy of provenance (on receipt of good funds) to your dealer for out of state purchasers. In state(Indiana) is a direct transfer to you. You are welcome to view the gun at my gunshop weekdays. $28,000 Will consider offers. NRA(noSPAM) I am reducing price to 27,000 never will be less for this...
  14. Giving up my SOT2. All guns are on a Form 3's in Arkansas and will transfer fast via EForms, all are NO LETTER POST or Pre SAMPLES. One Transferable. Price DOES NOT include freight and insurance. Call me at 501-590-8716 or email at if interested or if you need additional info. Pics upon request. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Post-May Dealer Sample, Andrews Armory LLC, AR15X Anderson lower conversion $250. Post-May Dealer Sample, Andrews Armory LLC L16 lightning link. In excellent condition $250. Post-May Dealer Sample, Andrews Armory LLC L16 lightning link. In excellent condition $250. Post-May Dealer Sample, Andrews Armory LLC L16 lightning link. In excellent condition $250. Post-May Dealer Sample, Andrews Armory LLC L16 lightning link. In excellent condition $250. Post-May Dealer Sample, Andrews Armory LLC AKX, WASER conversion AK-47. Well used still in great condition. $650. Post-May Dealer Sample, Battlefield Relics Thompson 1921. In excellent condition $2500. Post-May Dealer Sample, Andrews Armory LLC G9, Glock select fire conversion (rear push button add on) mounted on a Glock 19 with a RONI airsoft stock. $800. Post-May Dealer Sample, DAW, STG58, .308 $2450. Post-May Dealer Sample, DAW, 1919A4 was 7.62.51 converted to .308 $3500. Post-May Dealer Sample, DAW, CZ 7.62 x 25mm $1500. Post-May Dealer Sample, DAW, Sten MKII, 9mm $900. Post-May Dealer Sample, DAW, model AS, DIAS, (new unused) $250. Post-May Dealer Sample, DAW, model AS, DIAS, (new unused) $250. Post-May Dealer Sample, Andrews Armory LLC, model CXME, CETME conversion pack on a Century CETME $800. Post-May Dealer Sample, IMI/BOTACH Tactical Micro Galil, .223, excellent condition $2500. Post-May Dealer Sample, Century Arms L1A1 (semi auto, ATF required to be listed as post sample because they said it was easily converted – part of Century stock imported) $1000. Post-May Dealer Sample, Colts Manufacturing Company, M16A2, 9mm, all original Colt sub gun $2500. Post-May Dealer Sample, HK, HK416D, well used but in excellent condition with all original HK 416D parts $5500. Post-May Dealer Sample, MWT, AK47 excellent condition but missing stock – it cracked. $650. Post-May Dealer Sample, HK MP5A2, all original. $2500. Post-May Dealer Sample, Ruger AC556, wood stock, stainless $1850. Post-May Dealer Sample, HK UMP45 $2500. Post-May Dealer Sample, FN Herstal Belgium, SCAR-17CQC, Black, 10.5” barrel with military ACC flash/suppressor mount. $5500. Post-May Dealer Sample, Andrews Armory, M60AA, M60 built off new kit, needs some work – bolt sticking but runs. $4500. Post-May Dealer Sample, Marcolmar Firearms UKVZ59 (UK59), excellent condition, runs flawless. Missing dust cover, accessories include loader, extra belts bipod. $5200. Post-May Dealer Sample, Mark Brown, rewelded nice Bren MKII runs great with bipod. $1895. Pre-May Dealer Sample, AIN Sudan AR-10 with one waffle mag, all original matching serial numbers Excellent condition $7000. Pre-May Dealer Sample, HK, HK53A2, .223, excellent condition $9700. Post-May Dealer Sample, HK MP7A1, Black, used but in excellent condition, with B&T USA suppressor, two 30 round mags and one 2 round mag $9950. Pre-May Dealer Sample, GER Inter American Import, MG34, some matching serial numbers, 8mm Excellent Condition $9500. Pre-May Dealer Sampler, MG34 mostly matching serial numbers, above average, excellent condition $10,000. Transferable, Erfurt Germany, 08/15 with bipod, 7.62 x 51, water cooled, excellent condition, needs new feed paw. $8500. Post-May Dealer Sample, DAW, MG42, 8mm $5800. Post-May Dealer Sample, Andrews Armory, Century NAK9 converted to full auto $600. Post-May Dealer Sample, Andrews Armory, M2HB, 50 cal. Runs great, three barrels, excellent condition. $15,000. Post-May Dealer Sample, Andrews Armory, M240B, .308 with two barrels, spade grips, stock, extra trigger pack. Runs perfect, excellent condition. $16,750. Post-May Dealer Sample, DAW, MG15 air cooled mg, with stock, sights and bipod saddle drum and aftermarket loader (well made). Runs flawless. $3850.
  15. SPF Up for sale is a transferable original Colt M16A1 Model 653, serial number 9278XXX. This machinegun has the teardrop forward assist, two-position stock, 14.5" pencil barrel and some light wear, mostly on the furniture, but is mechanically excellent. No rust, no pitting, no mags. The firearm is in stock and ready to ship to your local FFL/SOT tax-free on an e-filed Form 3 from Illinois. Any additional NFA taxes and fees are at the buyer's expense. Please let me know if you want any additional pictures. $27,500 shipped insured to your local FFL/SOT. Form 3 will be e-filed after payment clears. Will consider trades/partial trades for interesting transferable/pre-86/‘no-letter’ post-86 MGs and rare semis. Bonus for registered receiver push-pin HK’s. No MACs, sear guns, WWI/WWII stuff, please. They’re great, but just not my thing. Thanks for looking! Ben Ferdinand Benjamin Specialties LLC (07/02) (224) 22I-969O ben AT benjaminspecialties dot c0m
  16. Transferable Vickers Mk1, registered side plate by Wilson Arms built into an excellent+ condition Australian WWII parts set. It is currently set up in .303 British, but it comes with an 8 mm caliber conversion kit consisting of lock, feed tray, and barrel. Other accessories include: extra .303 barrel, original water can and hose, three brass tabbed Australian belts, complete Australian armorer’s set and tools, original tripod, original ammo can, ammo can tray, belt loader, flash hider, and original transport case. Gun is in great condition and has no issues. Price for all is $17,000 plus shipping. Can deliver accessories to Knob Creek. Alex Levy, 904-699-7778, Florida
  17. I am selling my transferable Savage M1 Thompson. The trigger frame was also built by Savage, but the serial number does not match. The rear sight retains a blued finish, but I can include a parkerized Lyman fixed sight (without ears) for the buyer, if desired. The USGI markings (FJA, Ordnance Wheel, GEG stamps, and proofmarks) are all visible. It has an M1 bolt and functions perfectly. It is on a Form 4 in Maine. Asking $18,750 for the gun and 2 magazines, shipped to your dealer. I can accept checks or money orders - will start the paperwork once funds clear. I am happy to send additional photos. Prospective buyers are welcome to inspect it in person. You can view my posts and feedback (which goes back over 10 years and is all positive) using the same username (NavyEngineer) on several shooting forums (I'd be happy to PM or e-mail you links to my feedback). I can be reached via PM or at Thanks for looking! Video with livefire: Full size photos of several of the images below can be viewed using this link:
  18. for sale: Springfield Armory Transferable M1A .308 Machine Gun manufactured by Bill Fleming in early 1986 in excellent condition with 1 - 20 rd. .308 G.I. magazine for $14,995 + shipping and insurance to your FFL/SOT on a form 4 or within Oklahoma on a form 4. I am posting this for a friend in Bethany,OK so more pics. and info. available via email to with a phone # and a best time to call back and I will forward directly to him. Thanks, Myron
  19. 60mm mortar on form3 efile. Ready to ship, no waiting. Comes with 3 practice rounds. Uses 20ga shells as lift charge. Have been told it will shoot a practice round 3/4 of a mile. Brand new cup and tube. Reproduction base plate. Registered Destructive Devise. Works just like a machine gun or suppressor. File a form 4 and pay $200. Asking $SOLD plus shipping. Feel free to text 502-541-3919. Financing available
  20. Qualified transferable sear f4 in PA Steyr AUG 20” set up with anti bounce rods and fa parts from pjs Sear is not married to the gun can be used in any AUG including the new aug’s $SOLD or $SOLD All funds up front serious buyers only
  21. I have a rare factory auto-marked M16A2. Gun is in great condition and includes the factory cleaning kit in the stock and one magazine. I also have a Daniel Defense quad rail available extra if the buyer is interested. $30,000 OBO. It is on a form 4 in Arizona. 602-999-9304.
  22. I have an almost new SP1. It is transferable on a Form 4 in AZ. It belonged to a gunsmith who never shot it before he passed. I bought it from his wife and ran 1 magazine through it to verify function. It is pristine. It will come with the original cleaning kit in the stock and one magazine. I also have a Daniel Defense quad rail for extra if the buyer is interested. $22,500 OBO 602-999-9304
  23. I have an almost new USAS-12 imported by Gilbert Equipment Co. It is a transferable destructive device shotgun. It is semi-auto. I supposedly own the only 2 in Arizona and don't need both. It will come with 2-8 round magazines and a 20 round drum. I have other accessories and magazines available for extra. $3,500 OBO 602-999-9304
  24. Transferable SAW M16 complete with Colt 635 upper and magazine block for 9mm for $22K. This is a low mileage unit as I shoot many of our other M16 variants and this has sat in my safe since I bought it. This is currently on a Form 4 in Colorado for $22k plus $200 transfer tax.
  25. Transferable Plainfield M2 carbine. Full auto, paratrooper stock. On form 3 ready to go, I e-file for fast transaction. Asking $8500. Trades concidered. Feel free to text 502-541-3919 David Huff. Theses are still going up, get it before they go higher. They definitely have not topped out yet.