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  1. Really Nice Unfired Sterling as Built By PAWS. Comes with 2 Sterling Mags, 5 Sten Mags, Extra Bolt some small parts $15,995 .Fully Transferable. On Form 3. 1/2 Funds up Front, 2nd Half Before Shipment.
  2. Looking for a way to suppress the standard MK4 with a threaded 1/2x28 extended barrel , I may have to open the front cap , they were available at one time , message me if you have one for sale Greg
  3. Flawless Shooting Sterling in 45 acp- uses Grease gun Mags. Fully Transferable. Shoots around 750 RPM. Serial Number is 0001. Is it the First One Made.? Built like a tank. $13,500 plus ship We e file for faster Transfers. Firearm is in Pristine Condition. Rear Cap Numbered to Gun-Super rare in 45acp, Huggytree says that 20-25 were made in 45 acp most were in 9mm Will come with 3 grease gun mags that are adapted in 30 seconds If not sold, its back in the safe till Morphys
  4. Pre86 Dealer Samples for sale

    Here is my current inventory of pre86 dealer samples: Thompson 10,000 I may have a leather pouch for mags. comes with 2 mags Mini UZI 10,000 comes with new DeSantis leather shoulder rig with double mag pouch and 2 mags MG34 10,000 extra belts and starter tabs. I have parts kit available to buyer Sterling 8.000 comes with 2 mags HK 33 10,000 comes with mag pouch; 2 mags These guns are here and owned by me. If interested please email me, I have pictures. Or call me (207) 476-0000 daily till 8PM Eastern I have been a RECOMENDED DEALER on Tom Bowers since 2001 I do eforms NORTHERN MAINE TACTICAL SUPPLY Investment Firearms-Class III (Title II) Specialty Ivan Class III Dealer RECOMMENDED DEALERS LIST-BOWERS-SUBGUNS BOARD SINCE 2001 Investment Firearms-Class III (Title II) Specialty NRA-Certified Instructor Machineguns - Silencers - Tasers Body Armor (Level IV) - Beta-C-Mags EO-TECH Holographic Weapons Sights DeSantis Holsters Distributo Phone (207) 476-0000
  5. British Sterling MKIV. ATF paperwork shows that the manufacturer is the well known (Douglas L. Oefinger) DLO. Firearm is in excellent condition and very clean and may not have been shot other than our test firing to determine proper function. It was noticed that the bolt and receiver tube on this specific firearm have a very smooth action, nice trigger pull and is very controllable on full auto. Firearm is 9mm, select-fire (semi and full auto modes), fires from an open bolt and has a folding stock, one high cap magazine, a crisp front sight with rotatable multiple aperture rear sight and a black wrinkle finish very typical to the Sterling re-manufactured by numerous class 2's in the 1980s. Asking - $ 12,850 Firearm is fully transferable. Buyer pays $175 Fedex for priority overnight and insurance. Firearm is in our inventory and ready to transfer on form 3 e-form. Firearm(s) in this ad are possessed by, titled to, and will be shipped by John Norrell Inc. These are not being brokered and are not third-party sales. Firearm in this ad will be transferred to a class III dealer on an ATF E-form 3. John Norrell has been a licensed manufacturer and dealer (C-2/C-3) for 35 years and is currently an officer of the U.S. Federal Court appointed in the role as a Special Master administrator to liquidate NFA firearms released directly to us by ATF under court order. All NFA rules apply. Acceptable payment will be in the form of either a cashier's check or a money payable to JOHN NORRELL, INC. This item is listed by, and the website and postings are monitored by E. A. Shelnutt of John Norrell, Inc. When a party offers the full advertised amount, they are automatically the official buyer and any ongoing negotiations or conversations with other parties are no longer relevant.
  6. Hi to all, here are the last of the NEW accessories I have for the guns that sold. 1- Galil BFA and mag (Hebrew marked) $75.00 shipped Sold 1- 25rd Famas mag (marked 01.89.MAS) $50.00 shipped Sold 1- Sterling scope mount for mk4, mk6, mk7 $150.00 shipped (RARE) Sold 1- Hk 91/93 all steel bipod (steel feet) $100.00 shipped Sold 1- Hk mp5 "K" stock (unmarked) I would assume Choate, as they make ALL of them anyways.... $100.00 shipped Sold 1- Hk "K" grip for mp5-k, comes with the extension piece to fit on an Hk94 if you wanted? $50.00 shipped Sold 1- Hk 93-53-33 mag clamp $50.00 shipped Sold 1- Hk 94-sp89-mp5 mag clamp $50.00 shipped Sold 1- Hk 94 Original Barrel shroud grip unopened $35.00 shipped
  7. WTB small slot DLO Tube

    WTB DLO small slot tube..
  8. WTS - STERLING SMG "Stenling" NORRELL. Very nice older build that runs perfect and looking good too! Cerakoted to imitate pre export British Sterling and is easier to care for. Originally built to withstand SMG competition New grip included along with used grip. Best available parts used. The optics mount is welded and will accept the picatinny shown and can be adapted to other mounts. Quick firing vid available. Proving correct pre battery ignition like it is supposed to be in a Sterling. The kit back in the day was barely saw cut. Tube min ID is 1.384. Extra Cerakoted mags $10.00 each with purchase. Current form 4 . One NFA tax to in state. Out of state tax additional. Shipping $100.00 I have two of these and one is headed to Warrior Arms to be on Form 3. $17,500.00 I will raise the offer price after the new MGPG comes out for 2020.
  9. WTB Sterling SMG grips.. NOS or very near.. British preferred but Canadian considered. NO Fake or blaster plastic.
  10. Sterling MK5 Machine Gun Sterling MK5 just received from Don's Guns in Ft. Meyers FL. This Sterling MK5 was built on a virgin Wilson Tube (HF-XXX). Test fired only. This firearm is available for inspection. This is as perfect as it gets! Lots of pictures available. This is a 2 stamp gun on Form 4's in Michigan. Form 4 to out of state dealers are taking around 2 months. 100% Funds to start paperwork. $18,999 + Shipping and Insurance Open to TRADES for Belt Fed or Water Cooled aaron_sadler1(nospam) Two, Three, one - Two, Three , Three - Two, Seven, Zero, Seven
  11. In search of bona-fide letter copies of BATFE rulings or letters on assembling Sterling models on pre 86 Sten receivers. So much misinformation out there . Thanks guys.
  12. WTS - MKV - 9mm - Suppressor & SMG built on virgin DLO tube by Andy at KBG Armament - in Excellent condition. This is a 2 stamp gun (one for SMG and one for the Suppressor) on Form 4's in Texas. Built with mount for included Docter Red Dot sight. 100% payment starts paperwork. $23,000 + stamps, shipping and insurance. YouTube Video:
  13. New old stock original British Sterling 34 rd. 9mm magazines. Five (5) magazines. Priority Mail, tracking/shipped $275.00. Any questions please PM me. Thank you for looking. Alan FFL/SOT
  14. (NOS) Original British Sterling 34 round 9 mm magazines. Five (5) magazines, Priority Mail, tracking/shipped $275.00. Any questions please PM me. Thank you for looking. Sold pending funds Alan FFL/SOT
  15. WTB Sterling MK1V original barrel and new or like new grips not interested in reproduction barrels email or message with inquiries
  16. $9,500 and I pay your first stamp and shipping Wilson Sten tube built as a Sterling MkIV, on a Form 4 in Kentucky. The Form 4 lists the model as "Sterling MK4 (Sten Tube)" This SMG is in great condition--it's been owned by our family since 2007 and probably only fired about 500 rounds in that time. Runs flawlessly. Finish is a durable crinkle coat, looks to be over parkerizing. Finish is 90-95% with some "safe wear" knicks. Barrel is original British and in great shape--sharp lands and grooves, tons of life. (for the extra eagle-eyed, an IMA barrel is installed for the photos. The Sterling will ship with the original barrel). This will ship with one original 34 round magazine, parkerized, either a like-new or very well refinished "commercial model" magazine. Additional good-very good magazines available at additional cost. Stock lockup is a little finicky. Not sure if it's user error or if the back cap needs to be tweaked. Perhaps the more knowledgable Sterling aficionados can spot a solution. I have two MkIV kits (one IMA barrel to go with them), along with about 20-30 magazines (20 commercial type, 10 military type). These are available to the buyer at additional cost. References: I have a well established buying and selling history elsewhere, including NFA items. My username on Gunbroker, FalFiles, AKfiles, and are all the same as my username here. No negative feedback for any of them. I'm always happy to pick up the phone and discuss with interested parties. The local dealer who transferred this to us is still in business and available as a reference if needed (Steve Herberth of Falcon Defense Group). Logistics: I pay the first tax stamp if you're out of state! Payment: Due with submission of the first Form 4. I do not accept credit cards. I do accept all other standard payment methods. Insured shipping covered by the seller. Trades: I am potentially interested in non-NFA Trades (plus cash in most cases): HK Pistols, particularly a MK23 or P7 Sig P210 in 9mm (Swiss, not SIG USA) HK SP5 SIG PE57 or AMT FN G-Series FAL FN Type 1 or Type 2 FAL semi Auto, para or standard (Belgian, not a US clone) HK SL7 or SL6 HK91 in reasonable condition AUG A1 Accuracy Int'l rifles, 300WM, .308, or 6.5 Creedmore Steyr SSG-69 PI (original type with iron sights) K31 with Diopter sights Sig (SAN) 552 Semi, 551 LB, 751 SAPR Beretta AR70
  17. Hi to all, all Mags and Accessories are NEW and OEM! 50rd 9mm Spectre mags 4 available $200.00 each SOLD 50rd .223 Galil mags 6 available $100.00 each SOLD Galil .223 bfa with mag $125.00 Sterling Scope mount $200.00 Fnc bayonet and scabbard $150.00 SOLD Fn 50.63 bayonet and scabbard $150.00 Fnc M7 scabbard and bayonet lug $150.00 SOLD Fnc scope mount $250.00 SOLD Fnc Bfa $75.00 SOLD Fnc carbon scraper $50.00 SOLD IMI in original Action Arms IMI white boxes 32rd Uzi mags 6 available $75 each
  18. (New old stock) Original British Sterling 34 round magazines. Any questions please PM me. Thank you. Five (5) magazines with Priority mail shipping / tracking/shipped $275. ***** SPF ***** Alan FFL/SOT
  19. Here are three Pre86 Dealer Samples. These are available only to holders of FFL & SOT. In stock and I use eforms. The Sterling is just like new. Fired once or twice only. Vault queen. Comes with the usual mag and sling as pictured. Other mags are available. The MP5 is hardly used. Also a vault queen. Comes witb HK mag.HK33 also excellent vault queen. I have not had the time to do much shooting :(. Prices: Sterling $11,000 MP5 11,000 HK33 11,000 Call me daily 9AM-9PM EST at (207) 476-0000 or email Thanks. Ivan
  20. FS: Sterling MK5 SALE PENDING

    Sterling MK5 just received from KGB Armament. This Sterling MK5 was built on a virgin Wilson Tube (HF-XXX) It was then sent to Andy for his MK5 conversion. Test fired only. This firearm is available for inspection. Upgrades are (2) sight posts, custom red dot mount and Engraving on magwell. This is as perfect as it gets! Lots of pictures available. This is a 2 stamp gun on Form 4's in Michigan. 100% Funds to start paperwork. Trades: I am interested in a Transferable HK Trigger pack. DLO or LaFrance $25K + Shipping and Insurance SALE PENDING 12/12/2018 Matt(nospam) 2, Three, one - five, one , Zero - Seven,seven Seven, 6
  21. Looking for a Sterling MK7 pistol barrel, prefer 4" and threaded but open to others. Also want a fixed stock, especially the plastic one made specifically for the MK7. Thanks
  22. Available for sale is my excellent condition Sterling L2A3 (MK4) sub machine gun. This gun is not a conversion and was built from the ground up on a Wilson tube using a virgin parts kit. It was finished with the correct black crinkle style paint and bears all original factory markings. The stock lock up is tight as are all other components. This has been a safe queen and as far as I can tell is unfired aside from the test rounds following its construction. I rate the condition at 98% with only minor marks from storage and stock manipulation. The Form 4 lists the model as the original L2A3 designation, an uncommon rarity for those seeking a Sterling as close to factory original as possible. That coupled with the unique serial number 1 would make this a fantastic addition to any high grade collection. The gun is on a from 4 in Wisconsin, payment in full starts the paperwork, all shipping / fees / stamps are on the buyer. Local buyers are welcome to inspections with an appointment. Contact me as outlined below with any questions. **Manufacturer: Wilson Arms Company** **This is not a Sten conversion** **Additional detailed photos are available upon request** Price: $17,000 OBO - SPF Shipping: Actual Price Contact: Private message or email at (remove NOSPAM)
  23. Looking for the best Sterling magazines? Tired of beat up dented or damaged 60 year old surplus? Spending your time cleaning cosmoline not your style? Having malfunctions in a match bother you? .............I have fresh hot tank blued Sterling SMG mags that are clean inside and out with no rust using premium springs and followers. These have been restored to like new and better. We use the best pick of the litter surplus mags with minimal to no pits or damage. Free shipping to lower 48 if you buy 3 or more. Photo representative. NO sales to restricted States or communities - do not ask.. The images do not show the color well. They are a deep blue/black matte to satin finish. There has been no buffing or polishing so all factory marks are still there. There are only 40 available. A few NOS in wrappers available ( may have imperfections from years of storage) $ 69.95 each plus shipping. $74.95 each for the blued ones. Shipping additional at cost. Inquire for totals. NRArifletraining(noSPAM) Update.. only 23 left of the blued mags..... all new in wrapper mags sold out Update.. I still have 75 Sterling new mfg main recoil springs.. still priced at 15 plus 7 ship.. With every three bought you get a free front recoil spring and guide. Davis
  24. Transferable PAWS ZX7SS on two Form 4s in TN (MG and suppressor are separate stamps - it's a two stamp gun). This is a Sterling copy, in .45acp, and integrally suppressed. $15000 It is nearly in perfect condition. Fully transferable select fire and suppressed up graded by John Andrewski of Stan's Gun smithing. Owner before had Stan's gun shop replace and up grade with sterling stock, locking end cap, sights, forearm, optic sight base, and refinishing. This was during the time when Andrewski was building all those DLO tubes with original Sterling kits. Suppressor built by Doug Melton of SRT Arms (these MG are quieter than the originals). If you need more photos or questions feel free to email or call 615-372-4923, there are two tax stamps, buyer pays shipping and tax stamps.
  25. Looking for a good condition Sterling parts kit. Preferably better than the ones on the usual Parts kits sites! Email me what you got must include FA barrel "If possible". Thank you in advance.