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  1. We have a Once fired, zero issues, Beta C mag for the Heckler Koch 5.56mm rifles. I ran one mag thru our D. Sample HK53 and it ran perfect! This one has the early Metal mag tower, not plastic :-) You will get all that is pictured, and there is a Mag Loader marked HK 5.56mm $250 is a Priority Mail shipped price and you will get a tracking number. PayPal (gift only) is preferred but will accept a check. Contact info is just below the Pics. From Beta: The BETA MAG is a revolutionary twin-drum high-capacity magazine for 5.56mm, 9mm and 7.62mm rifles, light support and other specialized weapons. BETA MAG™ has a 60,000-round service life, "stores indefinitely while loaded without performance loss" and requires no maintenance other than cleaning and lubrication.
  2. We have 2 of these "lightly used" available, this will allow you to use your Full size or Mini UZI suppressor on your Micro UZI. Yep, pretty cool... Price is $75 each plus $8 for Priority Mail shipping with Tracking # provided. PayPal or check accepted!