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  1. WTS: Magnum Research Desert Eagle, DE 50, Made in Israel, Stainless, Ported, extra 10 inch barrel, LNIB, fired less than 50 rounds, includes total of 5 factory magazines. (The 10 inch barrel has been already sold separately on 8/21/2019). Asking $1450 plus insured shipping costs via FedEx.
  2. WTS: HK 91, preban gun, 1974 manufacture date, two steel HK 20 round magazines, nice condition, $2400.
  3. Colt Python, 357 magnum, 2 inch barrel, Royal blue, 98%+ condition. Original grips included. Manufacture date 1976. LNIB, $3500.
  4. WTS: HKMP5K- PDW. Converted by F.J. Vollmer in 1995 from German HK SP 89. Fleming sear is divorced from all weapons, Fleming HK auto sear registered in 3 calibers on form 4 in N.C. Correct MP5K markings, paddle flap mag release, correct 3 lug barrel. Extras: end cap, B&T folding stock, Choate folding stock, A2 stock and adaptor for MP5K, B&T scope mount, Aimpoint ComML2 4 MOA red dot scope with flip up lens covers, German HK 3 lug flash hider. HK SP 89 fore grip, two 30 round curved German HK magazines. Pictograph 3 position trigger housing. Excellent condition. Runs perfectly. Selling for retirement funding. $33995.
  5. HK 21e/23e clubfoot buttstock, with large hydraulic buffer and large rubber buttstock pad. Used, pristine condition. $195.
  6. HK 23e original German made 200 round belt box. Used in pristine condition, out of production for years, $250.
  7. WTS: M60E4 MK43 Mod1 used conversion kit by Desert Ordnance. Hard to come by. Kit includes: Commando barrel, short, light weight, non fluted; recoil spring and drive rod; 2 notch E4 op rod; ammo hanger and attachment screws; front bipod and attachment hardware; MK43 Mod 1 style railed aluminum forearm; E4 feed tray; E4 buttstock; E4 railed top cover with feed mech.; Capco hard plastic ammo box; front sling attachment assembly; E4 fire control hand grip assembly; forearm assault grip. $4600 plus insured shipping to lower 48 states. Payment by USPS money order, certified bank check, personal check accepted but shipping will be delayed until check clears the bank.
  8. WTS: Sten II, Wilson tube gun build, transferable on form 4 in North Carolina. $6900, Includes 3 mags and duckbill magazine loader.
  9. WTS: Aimpoint Red dot scope. 2 MOA red dote sight, includes quick mount & and rear flip up covers, used in great working shape. $225.
  10. WTS: Used Trijicon TA31F dual illuminated fiber optic scope. Chevron sight picture. Original box, papers, cleaning pen, cover included. $495.
  11. WTS: Thompson 50 round sub machine gun drums, no pitting or rust on any of these four drums. They all function perfectly on full auto mode thru my 1928 Thompson. Crosby manufacture, Buffalo, N.Y. One drum with case $250 including insured USPS priority shipping. All four drums and cases including insured priority USPS shipping $ 995. See pictures in ad in parts forum.
  12. WTS: Thompson 50 round, sub machine gun drums. Crosby manufacture, function perfectly on full auto with my 1928 Thompson. No rust or pitting anywhere on any of these four drums, good blueing. One 50 round drum with case, $250 including insured priority USPS shipping. All four Crosby drums and four cases including insured priority USPS shipping for $950.
  13. USAS12 Unfired. price reduction $4000

    Price Reduction: $4000 I purchased this shotgun when it was a Title I gun, back around 1990. When reclassified as a DD I, of course, did an amnesty registration, so it is transferable. It is new and unfired and, of course, mint. Comes with five 10-rouind box magazines. I have not seen an unfired example anywhere. But here it is. I apologize for the color In the pictures. Flash didn’t go off. Call me daily 9AM-9PM Eastern at (207) 476-0000 or email Calling or emailing me directly is better. I may not see your reply on STG. Thanks
  14. WTS: IMI Israeli made, DE 50, brushed stainless, ported, includes 4 magazines, second 10 1/2 inch 50 DE barrel. $1995.
  15. WTS: Luger 9mm pistol, S42, manufacture date 1938, nice condition. $1095.
  16. WTS: Colt 1851 Navy percussion cap revolver. 36 caliber, 71/2 inch octagonal barrel, manufacture date 1863. Functions and shoots. Sam! Elwell engraved on brass blackstrap. 1851 Navy Fourth model serial range 85,000-215,348. Grade 30-40%, Blue book price at this grade is $1200-$1600 range, priced for sale at $895.
  17. WTS: Nice HK 91 17.75 inch barrel with triple tree and HK flash suppressor. Used but with with excellent sharp rifling. $100.
  18. WTS: Sten 32 round magazines , nice bluing. $15 or $75 for all 6 magazines.
  19. WTS: Sten magazine loaders: Box type, $20 forDuckbill” type, $12 for blade type or $25 for both. See picture.
  20. Transferable Sten MKII, including three mags, one spoon type mag loader. Runs great! $6995 on form 4 in North Carolina.
  21. Various nice Sten stocks, ie “hoop” stock $40, grip stock (smaller one) $15, larger grip stock, $20.
  22. Various Sten parts, see picture. $195 ncluding insured USPS shipping. J
  23. WTS: Nice Sten parts kit, $175.
  24. WTS: M60 aluminum top cover. NOS still in plastic.Includes mounting rivets and hardware. Perfect condition. $75 including USPS priority insured shipping to lower 48 states.