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  1. Do you hate lowering your feed mech, negotiating where the first round goes, lowering the top cover and slamming it all up? Especially when you have a crowd waiting turns to shoot your gun. I certainly do. Attach this to your first belted round, pull it through, slap your charging handle and your in the game. It couldn’t get faster. Also for those that use belt boxes/pouches you don’t have to play the angle game anymore. Slide in your mag, pull the tab through and slap the charging handle. Will work in any hk21e or 23e, MM21e or 23e or BPP21e or 23e. I’ve never tried them in a standard 21a so I don’t know about that. $12 each - I make them to order $8 shipping in small USPS flat rate box. Fit up to 30 in a box. Beau -4106933036 Here’s a video showing how fast these kind of starter tabs work.