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  1. Up for sale is a New M11/380 side charging upper made by SAM at Practical solutions. SAM is the master at the Mac platform. (The side Charging handle is spring assit so it retracts after you charge it. Unlike the competitors ones!) Comes with complete brand new M11/380 bolt, front hand grip attachment and Forward grip. Only test fired and runs perfect. Also I'll through in 500rds of 380 ammo. All this for $450 shipped!! This is for the M11/380 Mac platforms, either small or large magwell macs. Ty
  2. Selling a new SWD M11/9. Excellent. Form 4 in Alabama. $8500 shipped.
  3. WTS Lage Max11a1/380 with extras!!!!
  4. On a Form 4 in Maryland - SPF RPB/MAC M11, 380 SMG The original upper receiver has a new barrel from US Machine Gun w/ 200 rounds through it LAGE Max31a MK2 upper receiver with w/ 500 rounds through it: Included with 1 VBS still in original packaging. LAGE K-grip attached to upper included. LAGE small magazine well pistol grip. Original grip factory grip. LAGE fixed 8 7/8" buttstock C-More aluminum bodied sight - OPTIONAL for $250 6 x stick mags (2 x Cobray Marked) AND 5 Suomi Drums included. MD buyers will need to be LE or have them sent out of state. Buyer is responsible for their $200 NFA tax. We will cover the $200 tax to get it out of state if required. Contact: Update 1: Included some better photos of the accessories. Also threw in some extra drum mags.
  5. For Sale : Original ARMALITE, INC. Factory 20 round magazine. Aluminum Body, black plastic follower. Floorplate marked w crosshairs logo, " AR-18 ARMALITE INC. " Three silver rivets spaced equidistant on front. Used, Vg-EXC condition ; used, but not abused. 150.00, plus shipping : 4.25 via USPS 1st Class , or 6.80 via USPS Priority . SIG P228 Factory 13 rd 9mm magazines with zipper or zig-zag back construction. Used, VG condition ; used, but not abused. Two ( 2 ) available - 35.00 each, the pair for 60.00. Please add 4.25 for shipping via USPS 1st Class service, or 6.80 for Priority. SIG Sigpro 9mm factory Magazine, 15 rd capacity. Used, VG condition - not abused. One available : 30.00 plus shipping : 4.25 USPS 1st Class, 6.80 USPS Priority US Postal Money orders preferred. Credit cards add 3% to total. No local pick-up - all orders shipped. Please email w questions. We are usually able to reply w/in 48 hours - Thanks for your patience. No sales where prohibited by law . Please check your state & local ordinances regarding " High capacity " magazines
  6. For Sale: NIB S.W.D. M11/Nine (9mm) and NIB S.W.D. M11-A1 (.380) Submachine Guns I have already paid the NFA transfer tax and moved these SMGs to my dealer located in Ohio (NFA Arms, Fairborn, OH). They are ready to go to out of state on a Form 3 or direct to an Ohio resident on a Form 4 to try to beat the 41F deadline. Each gun is new in box (NIB) and come as shown in the pictures with the OEM accessories in the box. $7,950 each. Buyers pays no sales tax (because I personally own them and I am not a business). Buyers are responsible for appropriate legal shipping/insurance as required and any subsequent Form 4 transfer taxes. I may be open to a 50/50 payment schedule depending on the buyers situation or any interesting trades. The M11/Nine and M11-A1 have arguable become the most versatile and still affordable (for now) subguns on the market due to the Lage Mfg. slow-fire Max-11 and Max-31 drum fed uppers, reliable Shockwave Z-Mags, and soon to be released Tungsten alloy bolts. Of course, there was also the SABRE 5.56 upper and hopefully soon a refined/lighter weight Khimera 5.56 upper. Please visit to learn more about all of these if you are unfamiliar with them. Prices of M11/Nine's and M11-A1s are rising rapidly due to these now and lock in your ownership today! It may seem expensive now, but there is no better bang for your SMG buck and in a few years you will likely see much higher prices. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, additional detailed pictures, views of the BATFE Forms, 'proof of life' photos, etc. Potential buyers are free to visit my dealer and inspect them in person upon request. Email works best for me: (remove the IHATESPAM part) but I am also more than happy to exchange phone numbers and talk in person. Now for the pictures... Here is the M11/Nine, arguably the most versatile of the MACs with uppers ranging from .22LR to 7.62x39 SABRE. It is an '86 built gun with serial number 86-00143xx. Here is the M11-A1, my personal favorite due to its small size and versatility to run the 1800+rpm buzz gun stock .380 upper or slow fire Lage Max-31K 9mm drums. It is an '85 built gun with serial number 85-38009xx and has the larger S.W.D. magwell (not the smaller PS or RPB one) which allows you to run 9mm with the new Z-mags in the Lage Max-11A1/9 upper. And yes, the Z-mags also work with .380 ammo too.
  7. "Sold Pending Funds" I’m selling my RPB M11 .380. This is what many people refer to as a “Baby Mac”. This comes with a Lage Max 31k upper so you can shoot 9mm as well as .380. RPB is stamped on one side and Ingram on the other. The proper model and caliber designation is M11, Cal 9mm AutoK. Don't let that confuse you, 9mm AutoK is .380acp. This is a small magwell gun with original finish. It comes with: Soft case that holds 3 mags and gun with original upper. 4 30 round mags for .380 1 50 round mag for .380 9mm Lage Max 31k upper 5 Suomi 71 round drums for Max 31k 5 Converted 32 round sten mags for Max 31k 1 Suomi 50 round coffin mag for Max 31k Lage K grip Lage small magwell grip Lage safety Lage full auto only competition trigger Lage stock adapter Folding stock adapter for AR buffer tube Magpul stock Troy fold down sights Plus, all the original parts. $7950 includes shipping This transfers form 4 from Kentucky. First call or text saying they want it gets it. This first Picture is from when I picked it up. It shows just how small the gun really is. The Rest of the pictures show the gun with the lage max31K upper attached
  8. Looking to purchase an M11/9 SMG parts kit, please email or text me what you have. 817-239-7003
  9. WTB Swd M11 nine m11/9

    I am trying to get my first machine gun. Im looking for the swd m11-9. Thank you,
  10. Sold pending Funds I’m selling my SWD M11/9 SMG with Lage MAX 11 Mk2 upper Also includes: Original box, cleaning rod and loader 2 Zytel magazines 3 30 round Z-mags 3 50 round Z-mags, new, never fired Lage Competition full auto only trigger. Lage thumb release grip Lage safety assembly Lage stock with side folding adapter 2 Lage VBS Blocks Factory barrel is threaded 1/2 28 Free shipping $7500 Terry I'm American180 on
  11. I have up for sale a pristine (SAFE QUEEN) transferable SWD Cobray M11/9. I have all the parts to make this back to factory configuration (You won't want to at all). This currently has the Lage 750 rpm upper on it with the Lage Metal quad rail and sights, gas block, extra buffers, Lage Mag-release grip, Lage 7 1/2" stock, Complete lage trigger group (trigger/sear). The barrel is in great condition with a 3 lug adaptor. The frame is solid with no cracks what so ever. This will come with all of the factory original parts, 10 factory zytel magazines (one is a 15rder), a Pelican Storm case that stores everything. This is currently on a Form 4 in Northern VA and I would prefer to do a form 4 to form 4 transfer in VA. Will drive to meet to a reasonable distance. I have owed this transferrable for a number of years now and I have had zero malfunctions with it running factory zytel mags. **ALL ATF NFA Rules Apply - You Pay the $200 Tax stamp. SOLD!!! (I know that I'm new to this forum but I'm part of other forums with high 100% feedback and credibility that I can reference.)
  12. Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum but have credibility on snipershide and other forums. I'm wondering what the market value (going rate) would be on a transferrable SWD Cobray M11 9mm that has been professionally re-welded and parkerized. This transferrable has a LAGE upper with the metal lower rail and 3-lug adaptor on the barrel. It has the complete Lage trigger group (trigger/sear) and a Lage Stock. There are 10 factory zytel mags and it all comes in a nice Pelican hard case. All original parts and upper included. This is currently on a Form4 in VA. Thank you,
  13. I have 7 zytel magazines with a four pocket Cobray pouch that I would like to sell for $170. Thank you, Jack