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  1. As one of The Carbine Club members tasked with promoting and sustaining the new format, I'm posting this in the new forums to cross promote with those members who may be interested in the M1 Carbine, or perhaps were members of The Carbine Club in the past. In case you didn't know, The Carbine Club was started in 1976, and published almost 400 newsletters to its membership, up until the final printed newsletter was distributed in October 2015. As of 2016, the official, paid membership has been suspended, and the club will continue to exist online, with regular updates in an article format that looks the same as the former newsletters. As of January 1, 2016, the new Carbine Club forums are open. As of this writing, there are 89 registered members, so you still have the opportunity to be one of the first hundred members. I expect the membership number to increase rapidly as word gets around. Here is the link: We here at also run a forum on that focuses on the M2 Carbine. You are also welcome to post there, and the forum is especially helpful to those who own NFA Carbines. Here is the link to that forum: If you have any questions about the new Carbine Club, feel free to ask here, and/or go the their new website and register. Thanks! David Albert