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  1. Go to Lisa for Maine/You're not alone/internet connections or any other of her videos on you tube.Then go to her web page. The lady is an absolute commie and a total loon!! Unfortunately she is also a grade school teacher and a resident of the tiny town of Solon we'e moving to in Maine.Read about her anti gun platform, buyback ideas. etc. green new deal free college, free housing. What the fxck planet do these idiots hail from? No wonder kids are so fxcked up today. With people like her filling their heads with this socialist propaganda, the results are predictable. Typical commie procedure. Poison young minds from as early as possible. Anyone know what the "young pioneers were during the CCCP days? Indoctrination from kindergarten. They all wore red bandannas around their necks singing the glory of communism!! The same program in most commie countries. Pure propaganda. Parents pay attention to the crap that these lunatics are teaching your kids. R.L.