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  1. Headstamps look mostly to be 10, 11, 13, 14 and 15. I hand packed these in the boxes shown. I pulled any that had obvious damage, which was only a like a half-dozen out of a couple thousand total cases, and these were just some dents on the neck, no splits or anything egregious like that. They are packed 336 pieces per box. M9 links packed in boxes. Approximately 10# per box (scale may be +/- a couple ounces). There are approximately 28 links per pound, so that is about 280 links per box.

    *NOTE* The 10K of Ammo is SPF but the Components are still available. Also have a large quantity of sized and polished API Bullets. 10,000 rounds of 50 BMG API Ammo- Pulled API projectiles were resized prior to loading Once –fired LC and PMJ Brass trimmed to 3.900” Primer pockets swaged CCI #35 Primers Loaded with 228 Grains IMR5010 Packed 150 rounds per .50 Cal. Can 67 Cans Total (10,050 Rounds) *SPF* $20,000 Picked up in NE Ohio, or delivered to Knob Creek in April Also have the following 50 BMG components- 30,000 LC / PMJ once fired brass resized, trimmed and swaged primer pockets 1600 lbs. WC888 powder 25,000 CCI #35 Primers Projectiles all sized round and polished- 2,000 South African Ball 2,000 Thunderbird Brass M33 2,000 “Blue Tip” Incindiary 2,000 AP 2,000 APIT (Hand Pulled) 1,500 Spotter Tracer 2000 Tracer (Maroon tip) $50,000 OBO Picked up in NE Ohio