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  1. 41F Web Page (New Forms Posted, Q&A)
  2. I'm submitting all 24 of my forms on July 12th by mail, so no room for error here. I bet others will have similar concerns so please feel free to use this thread for any last minute pre-41F form question. Here's my contribution: Regarding sears that had multiple calibers designated. The ATF has currently decided, ""We no longer accept multiple calibers and have decided that all sears should be registered as N/A." -source: My questions: Question #1.) Would the aforementioned N/A designation for multi-caliber apply to HK trigger packs/frames such as DLO and LaFrance? Question #2.) Regarding a form 1. 4h: Additional Description (Include all numbers and other identifying data to include maker's name, city and state which will appear on the firearm) (use additional sheet if necessary) For 4h, I entered:1.) engraved top of receiver with: My Trust Memphis, TN 2.) remarked model from USC to UMPBut I've read on the net that we should now leave 4h blank unless you want your form denied. Is that true? Seems like helpful information that the ATF would want, and would also help LEO validate the SBR. But logical doesn't have any place with ATF from what I've read and they have no set standards and change rules on the fly. So what are the current rules for 4h?Question #3.) For field: 4c. Caliber or Gauge Is it true that some ATF agents are denying proper/correct caliber designations? (not for multi caliber, but single designation for various forms):9mm 12 gauge .22 LR 300 BLK .45 ACP 5.56mmAnd will only accept lotto numbers at the moment?9 12 22 30 45 Question #4.) I think I know the answer to this one, but just in case: I want to change my trust name because the current one is too long and I didn't pick it, my previous gun dealer did. After I create a new trust, must I transfer all the items from my original trust to my new trust by form 4 and pay the stamp taxes all over again? I do in fact want all of NFA items to be on the new trust.