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  1. WTB: MG81 Barrel with Extension

    I need a good barrel with the extension for the MG81 Z shipped to SE Ohio. The extension must be in nice useable condition. Thanks !! Dan
  2. I sold a C&R eligible machine gun to a gentleman in a neighboring state whom holds a current C&R 03 License. I know I can ship it to him after the form 4 is approved but does he have to complete the back side of the form 4's like an Individual with the photos, fingerprints, etc. or can he just mail them in with the 1st page filled out and signed by myself. This is my first time selling one to a C&R Collector. I'm looking for an answer from someone that has done this, not what you've read or heard from the Internet. I called NFA today and she didn't exactly know what a 03 C&R Collector license was ........ I think she was thinking a class 3 SOT but I kept saying to her an 03 C&R FFL Collector. They just didn't get it..... Thanks !! Dan