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  1. WTB thompson lower receiver

    Looking for a SMG lower receiver from a 1928 or M1A1.
  2. WTB M10 9mm mags

    Looking for a couple of M10 9mm mags.
  3. I'm wondering about how one might develop a conversion device for a M2HB semi (say with KMP sideplates and trigger setup). I currently have a 1919 semi "host", where the bolt is the conversion device. However, it looks like the process to build a semi is to mill out the sear in the bolt just like the 1919. But that puts the tab on the other side. Then the receiver of the gun has a blocking provision in the top plate that prevents the normal sear for being installed. Then the KMP trigger bar is positioned to take the normal trigger lever area, but strike the sear on the other side. So I'm guessing to make a conversion device would mean a custom trigger bar like KMP's only without a disconnector (fixed)? That'd be the conversion device correct?