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  1. Semi Autos for sale.

    Tavor SAR 5.56 With Box and Magazine. $1495 IMI Uzi B Model with Manual, hard case and magazine. $2200 Vector RPD W/2 drums and belts, sling soft case. $2750 Galil, Action Arms ARM 5.56, with 1 35 round magazine. $4000 FN FS2000, OD Green with one magazine. Has modified lower forgrip. $2200 FN SCAR 5.56 Desert 16.5 W/1 magazine. $3000 Springfield SAR8, Port buffer, carry handle sling, correct FH, 5 Mags. $2500 IMI Mini Uzi Carbine w/hard case and 1-magazine. $3000 All plus shipping. I should have owner’s manuals for all. Shipped to your FFL holder at actual cost, Fedex. Personal checks OK as well as Postal Money Orders. Personal checks held for 5 days.
  2. Estate piece, No letter required on an excellent M3A1 by Ithica. Nice shooter with one magazine. 50/50 terms, Plus actual shipping. Photos soon. $8500 or make offer
  3. WTB 5ft of 7.62 Feed Chute

    Have some..let me see how long it is... Jon
  4. Have some SGMT kits built to SGM standard by Greg Clark. I had these built and then the plans changed and they are surplus to my needs. Other than being test fired by Greg, they are new builds. Have wheeled mounts and 5 cans/belts per gun and a blank fire barrel Greg set up and head spaced for each gun. These are located in St louis, Mo. Shipping not included. The buyer of these weapons will have access to additional NOS barrels at a special price with purchase of the weapons. Priced below market at $6500 each. Shipping at actual cost. Shipped to your Dealer. The mounts are heavy and could be picked up at KCR or Show of Shows.
  5. AO 1928A1 Thompson with one magazine and 50 round drum Excellent plus condition $15.750 N.E. Small Arms 1918A2 BAR with one Magazine, Bipod and carry handle. Excellent $11,750 BSA Bren L4A4 Comes with several Magazines, excellent condition . This weapon has been converted to L4A4 standard. It is not an arsenal conversion. $15,750 HK MP5SDA2, early model with matching number can. One magazine included $12,500 * possible conversion of MP5. clarification soon. Guide Lamp M3A1 Grease gun in excellent condition with one Magazine. $13,750 Terms on all weapons 50/50 with FFL. Shipping extra at actual cost via fedex. Photos available via text at 314-703-9710 Please note, these are estate property and as such are subject to a $200 transfer tax. Please pardon me, as I neglected to note this on the initial post. My apologies.
  6. WTB pre sample Bren MK1

    Have a MK1 converted to 7.62........
  7. RIA M60 Ex Cond 48K

    is this weapon sold? jon
  8. WTB: M60

    I have a Springfield-RIA transferrable as new...750 rounds total, safe queen. spare barrel, some parts 5 digit SN. Jon
  9. WTS:1917-A1 Watercooled Machinegun

    This weapon still available? Thanks, Jon