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  1. Smith 76 Magazines

    all are sold pending funds...will let you know if it falls through. thanks for your interest.
  2. Excellent plus Smith 76 Magazines. These are the real deal. photos on request. $175 each. 314-703-9710
  3. Have new 10 and 20 round magazines. $20 each plus shipping. A few military leather pouches, $20 each plus shipping. Thanks 314-703-9710
  4. Clean, slightly used 30 rounders. German date coded. $45 each. shipping quoted... Mags are all sold.....but more on the way. should be a couple weeks.
  5. NOS in wrapper with mounting screw. Hard to find complete ones like this. $750 plus $7 CONUS. Photos via text OK 314-703-9710
  6. Pre May Auto Ord 28 Thompson in beautiful condition. Includes 1 drum and 30 round magazine . $16750 N E Small Arms BAR with one magazine $13750 Guide Lamp M3A1 Grease Gun with one magazine $11250 SOLD BSA Small Arms Bren Gun with magazine and sling. $16750 All are from an estate, serviced and headspace checked by Mike Klos. Shipping extra, via Fedex on our account or yours. Photos on request via text. 314-703-9710
  7. Have a few left from an estate close out. Maddi AK, Fixed stock imported by PARS, in Louisville KY. Appears unfired $2250 plus shipping. SOLD M2 Carbine conversion parts set. MFG by R.S.Nemec . $950 plus shipping PPSH 41 MFG by R.S. Nemec, Beautiful Bulgarian kit, Appears unfired since mfg. $2250 plus shipping. SOLD Belgian FN FAL imported by Century, shows use. $1950 plus shipping. SOLD All but carbine conversion, include one magazine and all weapons are all service and headspace checked by Mike Klos.. Text for photos. 314-703-9710
  8. WTS Post No Letter Sample MADDI AKs

    I transferred a dozen guns and they wanted them on a form 5.....then last june they informed the estate manager that they would have to be put on a form 4-$200 tax per weapon because the sole proprietor, Robert S Nemec, was deceased...had he been alive and dropping license, they would have gone on a form 5 no tax......things at NFA branch are a mess
  9. Have fixed and folder models available. NOS rifles. Imported by PARS international. Fixed stocks are $1850 and Folders $1650. Plus shipping. Full payment with order. These are estate weapons. Please add $200 for the transfer tax. Qualified buyers require NO police letter to acquire these weapons. Please note these weapons are from an estate, and the ATF will transfer on a Form 4 with $200 collected. Sorry for any confusion. Jon 314-703-9710
  10. M37 By Ramo

  11. Post 86 Sample M60 No Letter

    how does a 01 with SOT qualify without a letter? Thanks for the clarification. Learn something new every day,...Indeed!
  12. WTS No Letter Post 86 PPSH 41 $2200

    yes...more PPSHs are available. Jon