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  1. hello my name is Todd dorton i was wondering wood you trade for this gun i have a new nights armament sr 25 with a 1600 dollar scope gun and scope is new thats worth eaily 6000.00 and i also have suoer nice ars and a special m1a socom that is one that was built into a super match i have over 3000.00 in the gun and lots of nice pistols i can make it very worth your while
  2. WTS: SIG 551-2 SP SWAT $6500

    hello sir my name is Todd dorton and i was interested in your firearm i have a new in the box h&k 94 new unfired i have been collecting h& k stuff for years i have alot of new un used accessories that go with the gun and asking 6800.00 for everything and the box is pristine in perfect condition and if you think you would be willing to make a trade please call me 404 271 8892 or email me at wtd1964@hotmail.com thank you
  3. Hello my name is Todd and i am interested in one or two of your pistols. Please get in touch i am new at this so you can contact me by email or by phone number 404 271 8892.