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  1. it is marked Match by Springfield Armory. They put a Match grade barrel on it and marked it as such see pic #fal9 below. I do not know about the accuracy I dont know much about it. I am certain that this is not the original furniture as i think these came with black plastic. This is a custom walnut stock.
  2. Springfield Armory SAR-48 Match FAL transferable machine gun 762 cal 1 mag buyer pays shipping and transfer tax. more pics can be available
  3. WTS: AK74SU Krink $25K

    updated price
  4. WTS: AK74SU Krink $25K

    Urbach build on SWD FA conversion, 5.45x39 Bulgarian Kit. 1 mag. c12365@NOSPAMyahoo.com
  5. WTS- MicroGalil on Magnum IMI Galil ARM Import, FA conversion by Flemming, 1 mag. $28K built w/ original MicroGalil barrel and kit , but retains the original ARM folding stock can supply more pics. Email c12365@yahoo.com 954-856-5423 (I am sometimes difficult to contact on phone due to job)
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