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  1. I’ll take these. IM coming.
  2. M203 Handguard w/ sight, M16/16A2

    I have a few also that are all Colt...Only have one M203 so don't need them all. All excellent to NOS condition.
  3. HK21 HK23 beltfed host - questions

    Not to pile on but these responses were incredible and so helpful. I'm grateful for all of you who took so much time to capture and share your learnings. Thanks!
  4. I’ll take this please. Will send PM later. Thank you.
  5. Thank you for this. Just ordered some ACC tools. Since they went out of business it has been hard to find certain things.
  6. I'll take this. Will send PM.
  7. I’ll take this please. Will send IM.
  8. Gunbroker prices

    Wow, here is another one on GB from same seller of P.A.W.S 50k for lightly used M16A2 SSA…to be fair it included an M9 bayonet… 902523065
  9. Great customer service is uncommon these days so I thought I would share this small experience of mine (and note that I have zero connection to this company). One of my weapon lights got a short in it then stopped working. It was an XC-1 so I called SureFire and explained my problem. They took my name, gave me an address to send it to and said they would repair it for free and ship it back. All I had to do was pay shipping. I shipped it, they fixed it and sent it back in about a week with a note telling me if it broke again to just contact them and they would fix it again. I bought that light in 2013 and have used it a lot since then and this is the first time it was repaired. Makes me think about buying more of their products (although I have a few other items from them).
  10. 40mm ammo

    I don't have any to sell but this might be helpful. I have no connection with this seller.
  11. delete

    Email/IM sent.
  12. Transferable H&R M-14 (C&R)

    Curious why date a weapon entered the registry has any impact on determination of C&R status? Don't guns "age" into C&R status and/or have a unique collectible attribute such as these x-models?
  13. Yes, somehow the whole "love thy neighbor as thyself" concept got lost here with tragic consequences...