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  1. Pics now uploaded to cloud https://photos.app.goo.gl/WU7UuemLa2WNGidp9
  2. Just found out Murry Urbach out of Garland, Texas is the gunsmith who did the mp5 to mp5k conversion.
  3. Bumpitty bump bump!
  4. Maybe 300 rounds since i've owned it. No pics until I get back home to OR. Unfortunately I'm stuck in California for work for the next few weeks. I will post pictures when I get home if the guns are not sold yet.
  5. I'm open to offers, or a package deal. Can also provide references from Ed at Urban Armory in NY and Steve at Oklahoma machine guns. I purchased several guns from Urban armory, and one M2HB from Oklahoma MG. Thanks.
  6. 3 transferables for sale Registered receiver HK MP5K. Sendra / Rock Island M16 with POF 16in upper. Registered receiver HK G3k Bought m16/mp5k 2 years ago from an FFL in Portland, named Jeff Kubli. Both of these guns came out of his personal collection. He had the mp5 to mp5k reverse stretch conversion done. Very nice to shoot the MP5K with a full stock vs the folding stock. Also have the butt cap for it, for pistol configuration. M16 has a brand-new 16 inch POF upper FFL, Jeff Kubli and Terry Welburn would both vouch for me. I only dealt with Jeff once, but Terry Welburn is a personal friend of mine, whom got me into class 3 a few years ago. I would use Terry for out of state transfer. He owns Welburn's weapons in white city OR. I've also done business with Fort Moe arms out of Portland, for a reference, where I purchased the g3k registered receiver rifle. All guns in good shape. Fired 5-10 mags through each of them, and they've been sitting in the safe. Pictures : https://photos.app.goo.gl/WU7UuemLa2WNGidp9 Local to Grants Pass area?...well come on by, check them out, and dump a mag or 2 at my backyard range Asking: Mp5k $35k M16 $20k G3k $19k This is what I paid for them, but I'm open to offers. Give me a call 707-655-8237 Joe
  7. WTS: M60+++

    Os this a registered trunnion gun?
  8. WTS M10, M50, M16A2, 3x HK Sears, FNC, Steyr Aug

    Is the m60 a reweld? Condition? Interested.
  9. wGAHHW

    Please message me. Dias still available? Ak still around?
  10. wGAHHW

    Message m please. Looking for a dias.
  11. WTS: Transferable M60

    Still available?