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  1. USGI original M14E2 stock

    Send me an email and I’ll send you pics. Thanks. Steve
  2. Hk91 factory camouflage

    Tony. I didn’t get the pm. Email to me at lesslethal@aol.com
  3. Hk91 factory camouflage

    The thread would not allow me to upload a pic. I assumed someone interested would email me, and I could then send pics to them via that ema format.
  4. WTB M11/9 22lr Conversion

    Are you still looking for a lage upper? I have a new unfired 9mm complete upper, NIB
  5. Good evening. I have a like new, factory M14E2 stock-in mint condition, USGI issue wood AND (rare) metal. The stock is birch, with a beautiful wood grain pattern. $525.00
  6. I have a 1950’s federal labs 37mm smooth bore single shot tear gas launcher for sale. It is in excellent condition (both metal and wood), and comes in a factory “FBI” style hard case. This launcher came from a law enforcement agency in Cook County Illinois. $900
  7. Good evening. I have a factory camo HK91, that is near new in condition. I do not have the box or papers. It comes with the factory camo 20 round magazine and an hk bipod. I have read this is a rare version of the 91, and would like to offer it to someone who collects “rare” hk guns (that’s not me-I traded a 40mm multi shot rifled launcher to a police department for the 91). I have other HK rifles that I shoot. I have never fired this gun. $3900.
  8. I don’t use this forum much., so you can call at 4178384274, or email at lesslethal@aol.com
  9. Good morning. I’d like to buy. Please advise how to proceed. Steve 4178384274