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  1. Good evening. I have a brand new, never mounted, Lage Max 11/15 5.56 upper for sale. Awesome device, but I’ve had an issue come up that demands I sell it. This is the internal recoil set up. $3250 delivered
  2. Hk 91 camo for sale-posted again

    Could you you send me and email or text me? I can’t load pics on this forum. Will send to email or text. Thanks. Steve lesslethal@aol.com 417-838-4274
  3. Good morning. I apologize for the second post..I’m having trouble accessing to update the earlier post. Price reduced to $3400. I have an excellent used woodland camo 91A2 for sale. I’ll try to load pictures-but was unable to last time...if not, feel free to email me direct and I’ll send them. Steve lesslethal@aol.com
  4. Good afternoon. I have a factory German HK MP5 10mm smg I am considering demilling and selling as a parts set. The gun is in like new condition. If anyone has an interest in discussing, please let me know. Steve
  5. USGI original M14E2 stock

    Send me an email and I’ll send you pics. Thanks. Steve
  6. Hk91 factory camouflage

    Tony. I didn’t get the pm. Email to me at lesslethal@aol.com
  7. Hk91 factory camouflage

    The thread would not allow me to upload a pic. I assumed someone interested would email me, and I could then send pics to them via that ema format.
  8. WTB M11/9 22lr Conversion

    Are you still looking for a lage upper? I have a new unfired 9mm complete upper, NIB
  9. Good evening. I have a like new, factory M14E2 stock-in mint condition, USGI issue wood AND (rare) metal. The stock is birch, with a beautiful wood grain pattern. $525.00
  10. I have a 1950’s federal labs 37mm smooth bore single shot tear gas launcher for sale. It is in excellent condition (both metal and wood), and comes in a factory “FBI” style hard case. This launcher came from a law enforcement agency in Cook County Illinois. $900
  11. Good evening. I have a factory camo HK91, that is near new in condition. I do not have the box or papers. It comes with the factory camo 20 round magazine and an hk bipod. I have read this is a rare version of the 91, and would like to offer it to someone who collects “rare” hk guns (that’s not me-I traded a 40mm multi shot rifled launcher to a police department for the 91). I have other HK rifles that I shoot. I have never fired this gun. $3900.
  12. I don’t use this forum much., so you can call at 4178384274, or email at lesslethal@aol.com
  13. Good morning. I’d like to buy. Please advise how to proceed. Steve 4178384274