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  1. Machine Guns are in, Prices listed

    Interested in the Vietnam AK. Let me know when you get a price.
  2. WTS: AK47 Type 56 underfolder Pre May Dealer Sample AKM

    Would you be interested in trades?
  3. H&K G36KE

    Can you email me some pics of the HK?
  4. WTS: HK MP5-N a true German NAVY model $1800

    Do you have any pics? I’m interested.
  5. WTS: Ruger 10/22

    Do you still have the 10/22?
  6. WTS: HK MP5-A3 Pre May Dealer Sample c-pics

    Do you still have the MP5?
  7. WTS: No Letter Post Sample Micro Uzi $3,600 OBO

    Do you still have the micro Uzi?
  8. WTS : Transferable and Pre May ("keeper") and POST M.G.s

    Can we get some pics of the MP5'sfor sale. Thanks, Tim