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  1. WTB: Threaded barrel for Beretta 92FS 9mm

    I have a never used Beretta 92 threaded bbl new in box.$200, plus $10-shipping Riocaonao@aol.com
  2. WTB PreMay MP5.

    Need not be a safe queen. Cash waiting. Riocaonao five6one3foursix8seven0one.
  3. WTB-MP5 pre may.

    Title says it all, not looking for a safe queen nor a shot out gun. Cash in hand. riocaonao@aol.com Tks Okrana
  4. WTB: ORIGINAL Portuguese AR10 Parts

    Have you see the aluminum HG,PG and buttsocks that came in decades ago, in very few numbers, when the AR10 parts kits were brought in to assemble intosemiauots? Allegedly they were Portuguese made, since the fiberglass parts did not fare well in their colonial wars in Africa. Okrana
  5. Mp44 bring back. Dismal info on legalizing it.

    I would also point out that often, the serial number was not the data furnished on the forms, but another number somewhere on the gun was used. There are documented cases where even the manyfacturer of weapons has been erroneously put on the forms. Basically, you are easily looking at $30,000 or more for a complete gun such as this (sight unseen!) so, yes, I would examine every scrap of paper from the estate. Safe deposit boxes?? Good luck! Okrana
  6. Best First MG for Under 15k

    With all due repect, as only you can determine your financial restraints, I would strongly encourage you to try to extend your buying power closer to 20K (sell some stuff, relatives,etc) and get an M16 type weapon. At that price point more than likely a converted AR15. Why: 1-parts ALL over the place and will be more quite a while. 2-Get a bad round, the registered lower seldom gets hurt. 3-From the basic M16 you can get into: 9mm....45ACP...300BO....beltfed 5,56....22lr,,,,5.7 with the mag-on-top setup...who knows what else is coming down the invention road. Careful shopping, aided by luck, will get you a converted AR15 at that price point. Good luck! Okrana
  7. DEWATS Wanted

    Looking to buy dewats. Please describe,on what form and price. Tks Okrana riocaonao@aol.com
  8. WTS H&K MP5 pre sample 1972 SOLD

    Please contact me at riocaonao@aol.com. Tks
  9. WTS:2-1919A4 & MG40

    Pls contact me at riocaonao@aol.com. Tks
  10. WTB Transferable MG42

    Have one with tripod,308 kit,accessrories,etc. riocaonao@aol.com
  11. MP5A3 Pre May DS

    Plese contact me at riocaonao@aol.com Tks
  12. Brian, contact me riocaonao@aol.com,please. Tks Okrana