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  1. WTS: Transferable Winchester M1918 BAR C&R LOWER $$ $46,000.

    Very nice! I have a Pre86 one within 6k of that SN. Mine is no longer in original config, of course, having its last overhaul at RRAD in 65.
  2. REDUCED: Pre-86 Dealer Sample MP5A3 ($12,000)

    PM sent on Mini
  3. Colt Thompson's – Buying or Selling

    Just got my copy yesterday, and all I can is WOW! Lots of details, lots of pics showing minute differences. Yeah, well worth the cost. Should make for a great reference book on one's shelf.
  4. need info RAM LAKE LLC nfa dealer MATHEW TROSI

    Just got an email as well here is what I got: We are licensed Dealer and we have some NFA Class III guns and accessories for sale.Let us know if you might be interested in them or have any customer looking for one. also If there is something that you are having trouble finding, reach out to us. If we don't have it in stock, we can find it for you FROM: 1. SWD M11 9mm Transferable 2. Ruger AC556 3 FN FNC 5.56 by S&H Arms. Folding stock,4 pos. select. with 3 rnd. burst. 4 Ingram powder springs MAC 10 5.Vector Uzi 6.German WWII C&R MP40 7.1918 Winchester C&R BAR 8.MP5A3, Qualified Sear in SEF Pack, 9. Cotl M16A1 10 Sten MK II Transferable Machine Gun 11- American 180 transferable machine gun Thanks RAM Lake LLC
  5. WTS: LE Trade-In Sig 556 and 516 SBR's

    Been trying to buy a 516 since Friday.....but if you do not respond to my PM, or list a valid email address in your profile, how are we supposed to complete a deal with you?
  6. WTS: LE Trade-In Sig 556 and 516 SBR's

    So, are the 516s gone? maybe if you responded to your PMs this might work a bit better.
  7. WTS: LE Trade-In Sig 556 and 516 SBR's

    Anyone getting a response via PM or email reply from the OP?
  8. WTS: LE Trade-In Sig 556 and 516 SBR's

    PM sent, one each.