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  1. I picked up an Ac556 from John in Naples a few years ago. It was his last class III left. He said the new owner would be good to go if I needed anything else. I know he sells on the old or whatever it's called now.
  2. Sorry was walther mpk manufactured in Germany in 1971 but is fully transferable.
  3. Both are not pre-samples but fully transferable and made past the 68 deadline.
  4. Looking at their online bids/catalog they have a beretta and steyr transferable subgun. Since both were made past the 68 amnesty/deadline how can they be transferable. It's a PM12 and MPi 69.
  5. One last MG thoughts?

    Yeah not into sear guns. Thinking bm59, fal, or ak47 full stock.
  6. One last MG thoughts?

    I should have bought your 1928 but money was a little tight at that time.
  7. I have a: Am180 Mac 10 Ac556 M16a2 (waiting on transfer) Looking for one or two last ones so I can pass on to my son when I'm done. Budget $20-$30k. Thoughts?
  8. American 180 S&S

    I dont know that manufacturer matters. I've had 3 different AM180s over 25 yrs. The last one I bought was a NOS reciever that Val built up into a new gun. There were some problems because of all the different parts and variations. I would definitely send it to E&L first thing. If you use the lexan drums buy the aluminum bottom plates. If you are anal dont fire the last few rounds or use a dummy round. That will help against peening. Oh and lube it a lot at least every other drum.
  9. American 180 S&S

    Cci mini mags work great too but expensive.
  10. Interdynamic MP9 NIB

    He has converted tec 9's. There were only 25 factory interdynamic MP9's made.
  11. M16A2 question

    Yep M16A2 8 million serial number.
  12. M16A2 question

    I have an inbound M16A2 coming to me auto marked. My dealer said he has only seen burst marked transferable A2's. Is there any difference in value? Thanks
  13. ) The Stenling has a wider cocking slot. 2) The Stenling's cocking handle and cocking handle block are modified by drilling a hole in each so the plunger protrudes through them to retain the cocking handle. The cocking handle itself has a little metal added to it so it fits properly in the wider slot and retains the bolt at the correct angle.
  14. I had a sterling years ago that unknown to me was built on Sten tube. I sold it and bought one built on sterling tube. some Stenlings you need to depress the spring loaded pin inside the rear of the bolt, while pulling the handle outward at the same time. It can be difficult sometimes requiring 3 hands. Some of the Stenling conversions came with a short brass rod to depress the plunger.