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  1. I found a nice RR olympic M16 but whoever converted it let their kid engrave the info with a screwdriver. Can I have the info relocated on the receiver and refinish?
  2. I had one of these about 20 yrs ago. If it is a factory gun it should be select fire like an AUG. Half pull semi and full pull of trigger full auto.
  3. WTS: Vollmer MP5 Sear Gun - Jim S. TN

    He means the host rifle is not registered as a SBR.
  4. So no thoughts on the cast E.A. lowers?
  5. Considering one any opinions vs a cast or forged?
  6. WTB: AM180 9” Barrel

    Val at E&L has them not hard to get.
  7. Value of m14 transferable?

    Thanks I agree, with used full stocks at $18-$20k I would think more. According to Springfield Armory they made less than 10 bush models and less than 5 with factory folders in select fire.
  8. Value of m14 transferable?

    It is exactly as it would have come from Springfield Armory. I dont know whether they use USGI parts.
  9. Springfield armory M1A with 18" barrel and para folding stock. Possibly unfired in original box?
  10. WTB M-16

    Looking for non colt shooter M16. Sendra, Olympic, PAWS, etc.
  11. AM180 help

    I sent both barrels and the receiver back to him last week. After I sent him pics he said the barrel is not going all the way in. It's just frustrating that a "new" gun with all "new" parts wont run. I may have him fit a 14" barrel while he has it so I wont have to worry about barrels for a long time. What is the lifespan of a AM180 barrel?
  12. AM180 help

    I sent him a brand new transferable receiver to build up completely. When it arrived it would only fire short bursts with the 18" barrel and wont fire at all with the 9" barrel. I get light to no strikes on the casings. We have spent several conversations trying to figure out with no answer. It is clean, the barrel locks up, feed ramp down. It wont even fire if I insert a round directly in the barrel and try to fire. Same goes if I try from drum or feed block. Very frustrating after $4000 & 2 month wait.
  13. AM180 help

    Is there anybody else who works AM180s in Florida? Had a new receiver built up at E&L and it still has weak hits to the .22 casings. I really dont want to send it back and waste a lot of time.
  14. Synthetic ammo issues mac 10

    Called Lage and they guessed ammo because it was 150gr vs 115gr. Plus the synthetic bullet itself. Will try some round nose jacketed lead rounds.