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  1. AM180 help

    I sent both barrels and the receiver back to him last week. After I sent him pics he said the barrel is not going all the way in. It's just frustrating that a "new" gun with all "new" parts wont run. I may have him fit a 14" barrel while he has it so I wont have to worry about barrels for a long time. What is the lifespan of a AM180 barrel?
  2. AM180 help

    I sent him a brand new transferable receiver to build up completely. When it arrived it would only fire short bursts with the 18" barrel and wont fire at all with the 9" barrel. I get light to no strikes on the casings. We have spent several conversations trying to figure out with no answer. It is clean, the barrel locks up, feed ramp down. It wont even fire if I insert a round directly in the barrel and try to fire. Same goes if I try from drum or feed block. Very frustrating after $4000 & 2 month wait.
  3. AM180 help

    Is there anybody else who works AM180s in Florida? Had a new receiver built up at E&L and it still has weak hits to the .22 casings. I really dont want to send it back and waste a lot of time.
  4. Synthetic ammo issues mac 10

    Called Lage and they guessed ammo because it was 150gr vs 115gr. Plus the synthetic bullet itself. Will try some round nose jacketed lead rounds.
  5. Finally took out the mac 10 with Lage upper yesterday. The firing rate was erratic and I got a lot of blown out casings. I was using Federal 150 grain with the synthetic jacket. Could this cause the problems or is it the upper itself?
  6. Is Lage max 31 full auto only?

    Hey Jim the problem was with the replacement saftey that they installed. It was trimmed and now runs in semi. Picking it up after work tonight.
  7. I bought a brand new Lage upper for my RPB mac 10/9 lower. I also bought a brand new FCG to replace the original parts. The guys who cerakoted it and installed the new parts say the gun only runs in full auto. Did they install something incorrectly or is this true for the Lage uppers? Thanks

    Can you email me
  9. Contact info

  10. Getting ready to purchase a new stripped transferable AM180 reciever. If I ordered all the parts from E&L will they just drop in? I had Am180's in past but don't have one available for reference.